Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, September 25, 2017

New responsibilities

We baptized another 10 year old saturday here in my new area of Marília, his name is Mario. The members here are chill and help us out and we eat good and after each lunch there is dessert. Hopefully I do not gain a lot more weight. I am fine with the 40 something pounds I have already gained here on the mission lol. my companion, Elder Santos is super cool. We get along greatly. This week was super crazy. We were traveling to diffierent cities everyday helping all of the missionaries in our zone. But it was really fun helping everyone out and getting to better know the missionaries here. This week I learned more about sacrifice. That as a leader one must learn to forget himself and his inadequities and serve without fear or without complaints. I did not get to sleep much before midnight each night calling the zone each night and then waking up at 6 to catch a bus to another city each day and being pressured by the APs. On top of it all I have been super sick this week. But I am enjoying the experience even though it is super hard. I know that this just better prepares and trains me to be a good zone Leader quickly.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Worked harrrrrd!

this week went well. We worked harrrrrd. It was super hot and we are working in anarea with lots of hills. But we met some stellar people and got some people to go to church. we 18 that said they would come but we ended up with just 2 and 3 more that are always there. But we were able to mark 4 baptismal dates this last week. Hopefully all goes well. Have a great week. I love you guys! Good luck friday AJ!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Antonio and Eder are baptized

man AJ still hs not gotten to play yet? Man that must be upsetting. And I hope that bat is alright. Man... That is crazy that there is so much water. Hopefully nothing is flooded at the farm or at the offices. I will be praying for all to be well over there. This week was suuuuuper long. We did not have anybody at church for two weeks now and that makes things a lot more difficult. And we met lots of cool people but when we went to pick them up from church they all turned on us. And the week was super hot so that made things difficult as well. But I am well. Happy too so that is a good thing. I just wish there were not so many problems and that I could be able to help more people get to the waters of baptism. But I will not give up. Too many people rely on me to give up, and I would kill myself for wasting even a moment of this sacred time that I have been given here to help others. Thanks for all that you guys do for me. I love you all. Have a good week. Enjoy your time together. I wish i could be there as well. Just one more year more or less! Wahoo!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Hey guys! How´s it going? Sounds like life has been interesting for you guys in these past weeks! I am pretty jealous that I do not get to participate in all of this lol. This week went a little bit better. Eder was baptised and it was awesome. He was confirmed and received the preiesthood yesterday as well. He said he wants to start giving us lunch once a month as well. He will futurely be the next something, bishop, elders quorum president, or something. But all is well. We are here in Londrina this week. President Pereira wanted to talk to the zone and us in specifically. Have a great week! Good luck with everything! I love you guys!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hey guys? How is it going? Is the beach treating you all well? Haha I told my copmanion that there are brazilians in the neighborhood where you guys are at and he got excited. But I got even more excited haha! I can marry a Brazilian!!! hahahahahah!!! We were dying laughing. Flordia is a central hub for brazilians in the states. I am going to love it for sure. And the house that you guys are in is being rented or did you guys buy it? It looks like a mansion. You guys have to put to good use the pool, golf course, exercising facilities, and tennis courts. Aj is studying forensic sciences? He knows that that is what I studied in the last year of high school for HOSA and participated in the state competition? That is super cool that he has that option. He ought to love it. I sure did. It is very intersting and not too difficult. The Ward there must be huge if it has 4 sets of missionaries.I cannot imagine. Londrina has 8 sets for 600,000. That is 75,000 people per companionship to cover. The city where you guys are at must be gigantic. 4 sets is 300,000 people. But they also have cars and Ipads so it ought to be easier for them. lol But on the brightside we had many miracles this week happen to us. We are working in na área 5 miles away from home and we go the majority of the times on foot. And we had the same guy two times at night pass by and give us a ride home and we did not have to walk the distance. We also met with one of our investigators who had disappeared on the opposite side of the city. Also our investigator Eder had a vission this week. He said he saw two paths. We, the elders, were on one path calling him and on the other path were lots of people walking in darkness. And in the midst of the two paths was a shining light calling to him saying that he had two choices. The one that you choose will lead you to eternal darkness and one will give you na everlasting Peace and joy. You must decide. Then he woke up. he told us the vision he had and we were forced to leave because he had another commitment. He had initially told us he would not be able to go to church with us because he had started working at the supermarket this week and it was his first week and would be forced to work on sunday. However, he told us that he would skip work and go to church with us despite the high possibility of being fired. My companion and I were super happy when we left with the Faith he has in us to skip work and with the vision that he had. We both were thinking about sharing with him the vision of the tree of life in the Book of Mormon. It was super spiritual. But wait.... It gets better.... Sunday we picked him up at his house to take him to church.The previous sunday we had to Wake him up and he went to church in casual clothes. But yesterday when we went to pick him up he was waiting for us at his porch with dress pants, a White shirt, and tie on. First miracle. Second. Sunday was fast and testimony meeting right? My companion and I had already resolved to bear our testimony because of the friction in the Ward. I bore my testimony and sat down with Eder. Eder asked me if anybody could go up there and bear testimony. I said of course, the church does not restrict anyone from bearing testimony. He said alright. I want to bear my testimony but I want you to come with me. And so we went. We got up there and he gave the most beautiful testimony of the restored gospel that I have ever heard from any member and especially any investigator. He talked about the calamities of life outside of church and the great calm within the church. The Peace and happiness that he feels now and how he knows that the gospel and the church is true. He even said that he would futurely like to baptize in the church in front of everyone. And we had no idea that he had a testimony that Strong and that he wanted to be baptized without us even talking about baptism with him. It was amazing. It reinforced my testimony greatly. The Gospel is true. People are not perfect. But the gospel is true. I love you guys! thanks for all that you do for me! Elder Worsley

Monday, July 31, 2017

Another week in Brazil

Looks like there is a good space for the ping pong room lol!! How exciting! I am stoaked for you guys and all the new adventures, church callings, friends, and such activities. Awesome! So we had transfers today but my son and I will not be transfered. We were hoping to leave our difficult área. And our zone leaders called me asking if I was ready to be called as a district leader. But nothing has changed. I will be here for a total of 6 months here in Arapongas. This week we had a pioneer/ brazilian July party. Each year every social organization in Brasil has a party in either June or July. Why? I know not but it is sure different. But man was there some good food. We did not get to enjoy the party really however. We were running after investigators all night. But we will have lots of people to contact this week. And we ought two have two baptisms this weekend. Have a good week this week. I love you guys!!! Good luck with the move!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hey Guys! What´s up? How is everything going? Here in Brasil all is good. I regained my voice on thursday and was once again able to fully win over the hearts of the brasilian people. But I am still with awful allergies. Eh, I have been ever sense I got here in Brasil. There are lots of trees and fields of gress and forest. And here in Brasil they do not sell OTC drugs in bulk, only in quantities of 10. And it is rediciulously expensive. So I just have been learning to live half sick all of the time lol. But I am feeling much better. We had a Zone conference this week in Londrina. My son met his grandpa and my dad and I talked a lot. It was really cool. Also I was able to talk to 2 americans from my group in the CTM. It was pretty great. And President Pereira said that he would help us with the problems we are having in the ward, and will put another 20 reals each 15 days in our bank account. This week we walked an insane amount of distance. The area here is becoming more and more difficult. We are now having to walk 30 miles a day to get to an area of the city where the people are more humble and receptive. It is 15 to our area of work and 15 to come back. And then there is the distance we walk within the area on top of that. So we are getting in a good amount of physical fitness. But while walking all this my son and I talk about anything and everything and I am learning a lot with him. This week we did not have anyone that we invited got to church with us. Everyone said yeah we will go, don´t worry about getting us a ride we will go. Aaaaaaand nobody went. So we will not be preparing any baptisms for at least another week. But we got an inactive to come back to church and she has an 8 year old son, so we will be working with Sandra so that we can baptize her son this weekend. Oh and this week, we visited Marcio and his family, Graça´s family. We got there and the little girls came running out with a bible and the Book of Mormon in hand. We asked them what they were doing and they said that they were playing church and reading the scriptures. Awesome!!!!! And then sunday Marcio and I were talking and he asked if he could take the elders Quorum lesson home because it was printed out for us. And I said oh most definitely. and he said awesome, because I am starting to teach my little girls in my home out of the gospel principles book, and the scriptures. Whaaaaaaaaaat??? Sweet!!! It is so awesome to see people progess in the gospel and change their lives completely. Man do I love my Calling! My dad and my son and I, Elder Queroiz and I, and My son and I in our new house here in Arapongas that the mission will rent for us. Lol