Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Not too busy this week!

This week we did not do much of anything. My companion picked up this fungus sooooo we went to the doctor and she put him on house arrest until today. So I put in a bunch of my time studying D&C. I read 80 sections. super sweet experience. I recevied a lot of revelations. It was weird. You always read that the prophet have this huge burden and suffering because of their peoples, and I truly felt that this week as I was studying. I feel like, I dont know, that my spirituality is refining in a crazy different type of way now. And I got to sleep a bit too which was nice, but I am sure anxious to get back out in the world and help people and baptize them. 
Here it is getting pretty hot with each passing week. It has been in the 100s. But it is also the rainy season. so it is hot in the afternoon and then poors at night, then it is supper muggy the next day. But the people are more willing to accept us in there homes and go to church in the summer. I think they feel bad for our suffering in the hot sun each day lol. 
But the mission is getting pretty excited. Elder AiduCaites will visit our mission and give us a training. As I am zone Leader as well he has requested to meet with me as well. sweet! That is exciting! And then shortly there after we will have the christmas conference with the entire mission. 
So it is getting a bit exciting, and a bit hectic.
But I hope you guys have a great week. I love you guys! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Slower Week

this week was a little slow. Because I changed areas amd companions we had to get readjusted to everything. We worked the whole week in the rain and were not able to bring anyone to church. However We were able to baptise one of our investigators named Samuel. He is super awesome. Hopefully we can baptize his wife as well. the ward here is huge. there are 180 people that attend here. .My comp is a great missionary. But all is good down here. We have a leadership conference tomorrow with president pereira in Londrina so it ought to be fun. 
I hope you all have a good week this week, I love you all!

Monday, October 23, 2017

1 year mark!

This week was super awesome. It was basically like a week ofpartying missionary style. We had a district PDAY where we played dodge ball and some brasilian girl´s camp games with the sisters lol. Tuesday the entire district worked in Iguatemty and at the end of the day some members there had a huge barbeque for the 10 of us. Then Wednesday we had a party at the Ward Mission Leader´s house with all the elders in our district. We bought a bunch of pizza, soda, and ice cream. Pictures are down below. Then Thursday I did splits with a greeny in his area to try to help him out. Then Friday and saturday were basic working days. And yesterday we went and did some baptismal interviews and stuck around for the baptism and the whole district showed up. They shouldnt have but it was still fun. And the two kids´ parents are loaded and there was soooo much fancy cake afterwards. Then we picked up Elder King at the bus terminal. Crazy to think that the dude that most helped me out in my training is going home in 6 weeks. And today we will help everyone get settled into there areas. My copmanion got released and is going to be a DL in Maringa, and my ex ZL in Londrina is going to be my new companion, elder Vieira. He is from são Paulo capital. And I am going to a neighboring area called Iguatemy, as previously mentioned above. What is good is that the area is a whole lot better, there is this part that is full of baptisms lol. We have 2 waiting on us when we get there for this saturday that I found when we worked in that area last week. But I am pretty stoaked. My son is going to be my district leader lol and I will call him each night for the numbers so it ought to be awesome. And some friends from Londrina are going to be here with me in the zone. But that is what is new here in my life lol. 
I hope you guys have a good week. i love you all!

Friday, October 6, 2017

This week was a pretty great week here on the mission. We had a pretty normal week until saturday. Saturday was a looooong day. We ate lunch ate 10 and then went to pick them up. When we got to the place that we had previously designed we waited. However they did not get there on time so we decided to go get them at their house. When we were half way there it started pouring rain and we were in our suits and everything. When we got to their house there was nobody home. So we were like, what do we do. SO I just started running back to the meet up point. By the way I was dying after like 5 minutes. High school track and cross country seems like another life. I then realized how much fatter and out of shape I am at this point in the mission lol. But we made it back to the meet up point 30 minutes late and we found them there under an over hang waiting for us. To get to the stake center it was a good hour from there. there was no way to get there on foot and not get them soaked or get to the conference in time. we called all them members. no one wanted to help. so we finally went searching for someone with a number of taxi that we could call and we called one to pick us up. we got to the chapel 30 minutes late, completely wet. Then after the first session I baptized Sabrina and they went home by bus. Then we went after some of our distric Leader´s investigators and missed the second session. Then I had my first baptismal interview with an investigator and she was super awesome and it was a pretty spiritual moment. She passed and was baptized and it was pretty great. Then we went and had a sleepover at the district leader´s house. Sunday we had lunch early again and then we watched the sunday morning session. Afterward there were supposed to be 11 interviews but there were none. the zone did not go after them to get them to church and to interview and baptize them. The 11 fell through, and after the afternoon session the assistants called and threatened us again and said that we were terrible for having lost 11 baptisms. I mean we tried, we did splits and everything, but nothing gave. There just seems to be a lack of desire here in the zone to want to baptize. And we get roasted because of it even when we try our hardest. We will be having a zone conference with President Pereira tomorrow and I am sure that he wont be too happy with us either. But my conscious is clear, i am giving it my all. But we shall see. But I wanted to tell you a pretty spiritual experience I had this week with Sabrina. It was the most spiritual moment I have had in my life. We were teaching her and her grandma the restoration. When we got to the restoration, it was insane. As I was quoating Joseph Smith the spirit was in great abundance. when I finished I asked them how they were feeling and they both said a great warmth that would be unforgettable. I explained that it was the Holy Ghost and continued to testify about the first vision and Joseph Smith. My companion was crying, Sabrina was teary eyed, and her grandpa was awestruck. I honestly had never felt something so strongely in my heart than I did in that moment. It was almost if the Lord was reassuring me of my own testimony. It has been rough here the past few months and the Lord helped me with exactly what I was needing in that very hour. I testify with a sure testimony that truly God the Father and Jesus Christ visited Joseph Smith that spring day, and that Joseph was truly called of God to be the prophet of the Restoration. I shall never deny this testimony for I know that the denying of the holy ghost is an unpardonable sin, for this I shall never deny. Have a great week this week. There ought to be two more baptisms here this weekend. I love you guys!!! Elder Worsley

Monday, September 25, 2017

New responsibilities

We baptized another 10 year old saturday here in my new area of Marília, his name is Mario. The members here are chill and help us out and we eat good and after each lunch there is dessert. Hopefully I do not gain a lot more weight. I am fine with the 40 something pounds I have already gained here on the mission lol. my companion, Elder Santos is super cool. We get along greatly. This week was super crazy. We were traveling to diffierent cities everyday helping all of the missionaries in our zone. But it was really fun helping everyone out and getting to better know the missionaries here. This week I learned more about sacrifice. That as a leader one must learn to forget himself and his inadequities and serve without fear or without complaints. I did not get to sleep much before midnight each night calling the zone each night and then waking up at 6 to catch a bus to another city each day and being pressured by the APs. On top of it all I have been super sick this week. But I am enjoying the experience even though it is super hard. I know that this just better prepares and trains me to be a good zone Leader quickly.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Worked harrrrrd!

this week went well. We worked harrrrrd. It was super hot and we are working in anarea with lots of hills. But we met some stellar people and got some people to go to church. we 18 that said they would come but we ended up with just 2 and 3 more that are always there. But we were able to mark 4 baptismal dates this last week. Hopefully all goes well. Have a great week. I love you guys! Good luck friday AJ!