Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May 7

So we are still working out the logistics here about the skype situation. I am thinking that I will call at around 5 o´clock my time. I think that is like 4 o´clock in florida and 3 o´clock in Texas. so around that time I will be getting into contact with you all. 
This week was rather stressful. We worked a ton in our own area and in the other areas in the zone to try and help out but unfortunately we werent blessed with the results we were expecting. Ultimately it is the Lord´s will that is done on this Earth above all others´. So we will keep fighting and waiting for the Lord´s will to be done and exercised through our faith and the faith of those that we are teaching. 
The families that we brought to church are progressing rather slowly to our disappointment. They are wanting more time and giving a lot of excuses as to not keep the commitments that we are leaving with them. We even had two families agree to be baptized this last saturday morning but when we went to pick them up to take them to church there was no one home and no one would attend the phone when we called. but hopefully this week will be better. I am feeling that it will be. 
I have been enjoying the times I have been spending traveling and doing splits with my roomate Elder Lavering. He is a great listener and has been asking many great questions in which I have been blessed enough to have the answers to help him. Therby, the two of us grow together spiritually and the bond of our friendship likewise grows. We have great spiritual debates. We get principles of the gospel and start defining them and putting personal experiences into the equation and I have been able to see many new points of view on many subjects of the gospel. It seems as though when we focus on worldly things or things outside of the gospel with others and especially with your companions, the time seems to pass slower than usual. On the otherhand, when we teach and minister to each other and look to see the good in each other and in others and grow through one another´s words the time flies way faster than we would like it too. My lesson this week has ultimately been about this relationship, between the difference in God´s time and our own human time. We achieve God´s plane of time when we elevate our minds to the things in which God would have us see, hear, and think. We stay where we are, halted in time, in a time in which will ultimately run out when we speak of temporary materials, matters, and subjects. Ultimately it is for this cause that man ultimately falls away from the presence of God and halts temporarily their personal progress toward God´s principalities, domains, and kingdoms that He has planned for our eventual habitation. That is why our choices of thoughts, words, and actions mean so much to yourself, to others, and to the Lord. We are either raising or falling. There is no constance. Everything we do has an equal and opposite reaction, or in otherwords consequences. May we seek the better and best consequences that the world and the Lord has to offer us on this great journey that have been prepared for and embarked upon sense that great primordial counsel held so long ago in our Father´s presence. 
Have a great week! I will see you all sunday afternoon!

Apr 30

     What ? ? ? There is a new avengers movie ? I am waaaaay behind on all this kind of stuff Lol!!!! To me moana is still the next movie to comeout haha!
      And speaking about pants, I have been looking at mine recently. I realized that I have soley one pair of pants that aren´t torn in the middle haha. I will probably trash everything on the last week in the mission and just go home with the suit on my body lol. Some of the shirts are still wearable as well so I can take a few of those as well lol. Oh and I went dumpster diving in my suitcase full of my clothes that I never use (my Pday clothes). I found the pair of abercrombie jeans that I had brought with me here on the mission. I wanted to see how it would be like at home being able to wear jeans whenever I want. That was my mistake haha.... So I through my legs in the pants and start hoistering them up. So I get to my knees; no problem. But I get mid thigh and I cant get them up anymore. Then I started doing the whole girl thing where you start jumping and tugging and fighting against the jeans lol. I didnt work out too well. Needless to say, they didnt rise. I was awstrucken. I know that I have gained 44 pounds on the mission but it hardly even looks like it honestly. Most of my body is mooshy however now. But now I know that I have gotten a bit thicker. People are telling me that I am growing as well. Hopefully that is true and not just a nice compliment to win me over lol. So that was an eventful moment for me haha.
     My week went well it was pretty spiritual. Not just because I am a missionary but it was more spiritual than normal. Some pretty cool things had happened. We are with a good group of people that we are teaching. We brought 10 people to church this sunday. The branch was super stoaked to see it full of investigators. I would say we have a group of 20ish investigators. That is pretty awesome! this week however two of our investigators fell through on their baptismal dates. It was rather frustrating but the Lord prepares all of His children in His time and not in ours. Hopefully this week we will have lots of success with all these people that we are working with. Maybe the Lord will bless us and these investigators with the blessings of a few baptisms!
     The zone conference last week was canceled, so we will be having our conference with President Pereira tomorrow. Today we have a zone Pday planned so it ought to be an enjoyable day. It will be great for the zone to be able to get together as well and relax and get to know each other a little bit more. 
     Elder Lavering and Elder Reinoso were tennis players in high school. we are trying to plan out a Pday to where we can get rent some rackets and a court for an hour at the nearby tennis club. Hopefully it will all workout. I am for sure rusty, as I haven´t played in over a year and a half. But it will be fun all the same.
     I hope you guys are doing well. I am super excited to see you all again here shortly! Time sure is flying as you said! I love and miss you guys!


                      Elder Worsley

Apr 23

This week wet well. We had a lot of problems to solve with relation to other missionaries and some other problems. We worked probably one day. But we were able to be productive doing what we were doing. We were able to help with 6 baptisms this week. Sadly due to some problems here in the zone we lost a companionship and a district leader. Now the zone will be greatly crippled. at least until President works everything out or Gomez and I figure out a way to get around this new turn of events. We are having to do the district leader´s work and it is a little over bearing. We will have to travel to another city that is 3 hours away by bus twice a week now. That is going to kill two full days, then we have another day killed interviewing people here in Prudente. So we will have a good 2 days of work each week in stead of the normal 4 that most zone leaders enjoy. but God will bless us for our efforts and will guide our foot steps to the people that are needing us and God´s restored gospel. Hopefully we will be able to sustain the baptizing pase. Now that I only have 5 months left in the mission, it is a race against time to achieve my goals and help God´s children enter into the waters of baptism and into his fold at His right hand in the kingdom of God. We were however, able to baptize this week a 41 year old man named Ney. This week we will baptize his wife and one of their kids.

This weekend we had a bidistrict conference with the two districts of Tupã and Presidente Prudente, the area autorities and Presidente Pereira. It was a good weekend and we were able to be spiritually edified greatly.

Tomorrow we will have a tetrazone conference in Marília. That will be fun! It will be cool to see my last area. I am excited.

It is starting to cool off now. It is in he 80s in the afternoon and in the 60s at night. That surely helps both the missionaries and the investigators. The misisonaries because it is easier to work, and the investigators because they are more willing to leave their homes. 

As for the skype coming up, we dont know where we will be doing it yet. But we will find a place.

well, I hope you guys have a great week! get feeling better mom! I love you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Apr 16

       Hey guys!!!!!! I have scary news!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE...... President pereira told me when my departure date would be to come home!!!! man it seems so close. Here´s the date. September 19th!!!! Here in 5 months and 3 days I´ll be catching my flight home! Sweet!! All I need to know now is to where i will be returning to tell my son, elder Nicolau the executive secretary so that I fly to the correct place, wether it be Texas or Florida. You guys decide and let me know as soon as possible please.
       This week went pretty well. We had transfers and i am really enjoying the two new elders that are living with us. Elder Reinoso is Ecuadorian and Elder Lavering is from seattle washington. They are pretty crazy and love to work hard! They are super motivated and will help the zone a lot. Reinoso just completed 1 year in the mission and Lavering has 6 months. We also got some new sisters in the zone that are pretty pumped. i am loving that even with all the bad rep that the zone has the people aren´t letting that get to them and are working hard and having great success. One thing that I have noticed is that I ave passed the hardest areas in the hardest zones. I havent been to the Pilar zones or areas of the mission. I may not have the most baptisms but considering all that I have passed I have truly been having amazing success and i am thankful for that. President loves to challenge me to make the weaknesses in the mission stengths like ether 12:27 says, and so far I have been able to overcome the challenges placed upon me. i thank the Lord so much for all my many blessings and for the strengths he has given me and the lessons that i have learned.
This week I had a pretty crazy experience doing contacts with Elder reinoso in our area. We were knocking doors and I went to knock a door and a man in a wheelchair calls over saying that there was noone at that particular house. i went over to him to thank him, and to make a contact. There is a common rule here in Brasil that if someone calls out to you or looks at you for a more than average amount of time it means that they want to be baptized. So i went over to him not knowing how it would be possible to baptize him because of his wheelchair but I went anyways knowing that God would provide the way. We sat and conversed quite a bit and then reinoso got there and then the man´s wife. (their names are carlos and karin btw). Carlos asked us to share a message with them. He said if we didnt God would condemn us and that if he and his wife were to be judged on something that we would have said and didnt that they would be in an innocent state and would accept it gladly on the otherside of the veil. They made a very strong point that we had to share something. Reinoso gave me a look like, "man i dont have a clue what to say." so I said a quick prayer and followed the spirit. Carlos had said that our eyes were full of a spirit of victory and that we were in the command of many hosts of angels. I used that to my advantage and opened up to 1st John and read about love and victory. I related it obedience and baptism. The woman started crying and said that she was like a dry fig tree. Then i opened up mathew 21:21 and shared the stroy about Jesus drying the fig tree and teaching about faith. I taught about the lesson based on faith and Carlos broke down crying as well and reassured his wife that we were heavenly messagers. then he had us respond to a few of his questions. he asked us about our service and our ministry. I knew that this was meant to mean, "How much do they pay you and how much do have to pay weekly to your church ?" I explained that we receive no payment and that we rather pay to be here and that at the church no one asks you insistently to pay the church money. Carlos shouted for glory saying that our church was a church that he had been searching for for some time now. They loved it and invited us to go inside their home and prayer for them. We entered into the home and Carlos had us pray. reinoso prayed. carlos and Karin loved the prayer and said that it was exactly what they were needing to hear. we invited them to church and they accepted. I invited them to be baptized again and they accepted with great passion. However they aren´t married. I invited them to prepare for marriage and they accepted. they even invited us to be their best man and witnesses at the wedding cerimony. It was awesome. The spirit was so strong that no one could deny that it was true and that we had been sent by God to deliver the message that we had to deliver them. They invited us to eat dinner and we refused eventhough we had not eaten all day, so as to leave them felling that great spirit and wanting and yearning for that spirit to return. Upon leaving carlos shouted out to us, "next time you see me I will have smoked and drank less and at my baptism i will be free of these addictions. We went home feeling satisfied. I felt like daniel of old. That was one of the coolest things that I had ever done.
I hope you have a great weak! I love you!!!!
Elder Worsley

Apr 9

This week was pretty chill. As it was the last week of the tranfer we kind of let things settle down in aspiration for the transfer. we were able to baptize this week a young woman named Christina. She is 24 and has 2 young kids who are of the age of 2 an 6. The weather down here is still pretty hot. It is cooling down but not noticebly by much. I wasnt transfered, nor my companion so I am pretty stoaked. gomez and I will be able to baptize more people together. We might just be the only companions ever to serve together for 6 months. that is a whole quarter of my mission together with Gomez. god must want me to learn something important or teach something important. Whatever it may be I look forward too it with eagerness. 6 more weeks! wahoo!

Monday, April 2, 2018

April 2

   well I was able to see a little of general conference in the rush of a misssionarie´s life. I Enjoyed the talk given by the dentist, Brian K Taylor in the saturday morning session lol. There were a few others that I enjoyed as well. I will have to down load the audio transmitions of the sessions so that I might be able to hear what I missed. I was able to baptize this week. The woman´s name is Dora. She is like 72. Now we will look forward to our next week´s worth of work.
     This week was spent doing a lot and a lot of travelling. We went to a neighboring city, Tupã,  that is 2.5 hours away by bus 3 times. That is 15 hours of bus riding in total this week. I am super exhausted. But this week ought to be pretty layed back and relaxed as it is the 6th week in the transfer. Everyone will be working hard to accumulate the last baptisms of the transfer with what could be the last week with that specific companion or in that specific area.
     A mission will change any young man or young woman´s life for the better. We come not for this selfish gain but as we naturally seek the perfection in christ and seek to be 100% charitable we find ourselves at the right hand of God. Serve a mission AJ. And anyone else who reads this who hasnt served a mission and is capable, I encourage you to serve. The Lord needs you, and will make many miracles with you and many miracles within you.
     I love you all! I hope this week goes wellfor you! And happy birthday lil bro! I wish I could have been with you on your birthday. You will always be my best friend. 
     Talk to you all later!!!

March 26

Wow sounds like spring break has been a blast and that the party hasnt stopped quite just yet! And I cant believe that Lakota broke the school record for the mile and the 2 mile! That is awesome! It makes me a little sad to remember that I came so close and didnt break it. But it wasnt God´s will so I take confort in that. Who knows why that wasnt in God´s plan for me with the parasites and sicknesses and all. But I am happy with who I am and what I have done in my life.

This week nothing to crazy in particular happened. We had a zone conference with President Pereira on tuesday and a normal week´s of work afterwards. Sadly we faced many oppositions this week and were not able to have a lot of success in bringing many people to church and even less having baptized no one. I need to Baptize!! lol... It rained quite a bit this week and that got in the way quite a bit as well.
we confirmed our baptisms from the week before. we are looking for miracles so that we can baptize again. I am pretty excited for general conference this weekend. I am excited to hear president nelson´s inspired words above all else. It will sure be a spiritual delight. I really have learned how to live the gospel on the mission for myself and love the gospel in a way I had never known before. I am super greatful for the scriptures and my studies that I have done and am doing therein. I am greatful as well for the chance to have the prophets and apostles to guide and direct us. I hope you guys will be able to watch all the sessions this weekend as well.

I hope you guys have a great week! I love you!