Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, December 26, 2016

It's all about Love!

It was great seeing you guys and hearing your voices yesterday! I had not realized how much I missed the sound of your voices. It was great seeing how happy you guys were! You do not see that much happiness that often here. You guys are greater than you probably think you guys are. Our family has an amazing foundation and I hope to model my future family after the same manner. I am really glad you guys are all doing so well, it was very comforting to hear. Thanks for incluiding me in the family prayer. That was reallay special to me. I was feeling the spirit super strongly.You guys are awesome and are a shinning beacon to those around you. I can see that a lot clearer now. You guys are wonderful examples. Thank you so much. But Yeah I am teaching my comps more than I am teaching our investigators it seems like. I had to teach my comp. and my zone leaders last friday how to have our weekly planning session lol. I also have to teach a lot of the missionary rules and standards. I have been noticing as of late how different of a missionary I really am, even when compared to the other american missionaries. Exact obediences truly does bring blessings. I am always reminding my companions these things. I use Dad´s saying `you´re right` all the time. After I try to correct or help them the pull the, how long have you been a missionary card. And how long have I been a missionary? It is actually a humbling experience for me. You can take good from all things even when people are telling you you are wrong. My companions always say that I am super serious. They like to speak about worldly things and joke around and kick your feet. When they see that I do not participate they say I am no fun and that I will not be liked by many people. I do not take offense to these things because I think of the savior. Would the savior do these things? If someone saw or heard me right now could they imagine christ doing the same? So there is comfort in being obedient and focused. I definitely have to be the example to them. I am like their moms lol. Always reminding them and trying to help. I am learning many things I did not think I would learn on my mission and am gaining a lot of respect for the things we have back home and for how I was raised. I am keeping in touch with my friend from the ctm. We email each week. He is doing pretty good. I also talk to my district each week so that is fun as well. It is cool seeing the gospel change the lives of missionaries as well as the lives of our investigators. I am also learning a lot about love. Loving strangers, loving to help people at any moment, loving when it is hard to love, loving your companions, loving your situations, good or bad, and just living in love. There is love everywehre. You can always give love and recieve love. A mission is truly a wonderful experience in ways that you cannot experience except by participating in one personally. I am realizing why love is the first 2 and the greatest commandments. Without love there is nothing. Reflect on your life, your surroundings, and your experiences and think of the love you have either given or recieved. Focus on these things and build on them. When you do so you will have more appreciation for these things before and be able to recognize the love that is in the world better. It will be a great experiences. Love opens hearts, and changes lives. Thanks for the quotes each week. I sure do love them. I hope guys have a great week and that Aj gets better and enjoys one more week of break. Keep on keeping on. I love you guys!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lots of working

We are doing lots of working and my Portuguese is getting slightly better each day. A few grains of sand at a time but over time with the sand i will have i can make a beautiful beach (be fluent). We have not been having much success with our investigators as of late. The people here do not really want to change. Lots of devote catholics and evangislists. So i read this book on how to be a better missionary and it was awesome. It is called Member Missionary Work and Finding the Elect of God. I read it in one night. I started using the techniques and it has helped a lot. I went from contacting 7 people a day and 27 as a companionship to contacting 27 and having 42 as a companionship a day. We are also getting more referalls and contacts and teaching lessons now. We do not have any investigators ready for baptism yet but we are trying. We are opening a lot of oysters looking for pearls. A few things we take for granted in the states. Air conditioners, couchs, curtains/blinds, houses without walls, dryers, cars, and three meals a day.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Doing Better This Week!

Hey guys! How is it going? I am doing much better this week. It has seriously been 2 months? wow... Time seems to never move when you are thinking about now, but when you look back it is like a blur. Crazy! I heard that coach Ramos had his leg amputated from mandy. Ouch. And that my friend Savanah got in a bad car wreck and is in the hospital. What is crazy is that in the ctm when we went to the temple, I was putting their names in for the prayer role. I always do the prayer role and always pray before doing so, in order to recieve revelation. Personal Revelation is so real. I am glad to here that all is well at home. I miss you guys. 2 years will fly by in a blur, I am sure. I am kind of ready for a good winter. It is super hot here. You are either drenched from sweat or from rain. Or both... lol It has been raining for the past 5 days now so the work has been a bit different. The rain will not stop me from sharing salvation with God´s children. It has been like 100 degrees everyday, and we walk super far everyday. thank goodness everyone here is willing to give us a cup of water. My companion knows a little english but not much, and the other two in my house do not know anything. They are trying to speak with me in english and it is kind of cool. Oh and when we are in public or in a lesson and my comp wants to tell me something privately, he will speak in english lol. Oh and he keeps offering people an english class taught by me, so i may become an english teacher here in the future lol. There are two sisters and one elder in my zone, and the elder is in my district. We have a zone meeting once a month and district meetings once a week so i get to talk to him a little. His name is Elder King. He is from Las Vegas and is really nice. He knows a bunch of Portugese but insists that I speak better than he did. The Brazilians say I speak better than most americans too. I am trying to belive that still lol. It is hard to think you are better than you give yourself credit. The routine here is pretty easy. I do not have any problems. However I do wish that I could have a language study each mornng. We do not get a language study until after the 1st 12 weeks. I do not know why. Oh and I am the only one that exercises in the morning. I want to run. Maybe with my next comp I can. Being exactly obedient truly is a blessing for sure. I like the city life here. I am not in down town however. I am in whatwould be like kingwood is to houston but way more impovrished. We walk, everywhere. We only take the bus when we have meetings down town. Each time we get on the bus it is 3.60 reals. Pretty spendy for our budget. We usually walk 20-25km a day. I have five things for AJ, and for the youth in general i guess, but mainly for AJ. Take seminary seriously. Memorize the scripture mastery scriptures. take language class in high school seriously. Develop good study habits. These things will help you very much on a mission and in general. Read the book of mormon all the way through by yourself. I do not have any baptisms set up, but we are always teaching. I can practically teach all the lessons in Portuguese and testify. My comp and the members here say my testimony is very powerful. I cry almost every time I bear testimony in Portuguese. The spirit is very stong when you are living worthily as a missionary. I love you guys! Chão! Elder, Worsley

Friday, December 9, 2016

Hey guys! How is it going? Life here is pretty nice, but it is super hard learning Portuguese. I can barely understand anything. I pray almost every second of the day for help. I want to help the people and share the gospel but it is pretty hard. Miracles come after the trial of your faith right? That is what I have been clinging onto. I am learning a lot about faith here. I cannot wait for the day I can understand the people and speak back about anything. I only get 30 minutes of language study 3 days a week and so that makes it difficult as well. The people here always complement my portuguese but I feel like it is not very good. Thank you for always emailing me and giving me quotes. That really helps me. I am glad you guys had a great week and got to go to the temple. I will not get to go until I get back home. That was kind of sad to here for me. I am so greatful I worked in the temple before serving here. Always repeating the initatory blessings helps. I am also super greatful to have an amazing family and amazing parents that raised me so well and taught me to be firm in the gospel and always try to be positive and hope for the best. I really do love you guys. So yes I live with 3 other missionaries. My companion and my Zone Leaders. I do not cook. We only eat one meal a day here and that is lunch. Luckily we have members that feed us lunch every day.The food here is awesome, but the water is sooo bad lol. Everyone here likes to drink juice because the water is bad. For me at the house, when I drink water, I have to have like a piece of candy in my mouth or food to get rid of the taste of the water. Generally the rich people have good water so theirs is nice. We get 150 Reals each month for grocies but for the first two months we only get 100 so we can have enough for our reserve fund if we need to get to the mission president. 1 Real is like 3.30 Dollars so we do not get much to live on. Hence why we eat only once. Food here, well everything, is pretty expensive. I think I get to watch the devotional at church this saturday but I do not know. It is hard to translate and understand.People here do not go all out for christmas, but they do celebrate it. The rich people have little two foot christmas trees and presents and everyone else just has a big meal. We will get to skype on christmas so that will be nice. But we have not been really celebrating it here. We sang christmas songs in church, but that has been the only thing. Everyone here has gates and walls because everyone is insecure so we clap outside the wall as if it were a knock. That is weird to me. Everyone is catholic here so proselyting is hard. We ask every house we knock for a cup of water and they always give it. This way we can share a message without them running lol. The culture is pretty different but not in a bad way. Please pray for me to learn the language. I am struggling pretty bad with it. I have cried a lot for not knowing the language and could use the extra boost. Thanks, I love you all so very much! Elder Worsley

Friday, December 2, 2016

Found these gems in my junk box!


Hey guys! I arrived to my first area! I am in the city of Londrina in Antares. My companion´s name is elder Oto. He is from Fortaleza. He has only been out for three months and he is already a trainer. I am his second companion. He speaks super fast lol. The field is already difficult and I have only just arrived and have not started teaching lol. However it is a process. Sometimes it is hard to stay calm because you wish to know all the words and be able to speak perfectly but do not have the ability yet. However I am doing well. Just have to stay calm and do my best with the language. My companion is really nice so that is a great thing for me. So our flight was at 7:30 yesterday morning, and we had to get up at 3:00. So yesterday was a long day. Especially because our flight was delayed until 11:30. Then we got to Londrina at about 12:20, and were greeted by the APs and the Mission President and his wife. They are super cool and very nice. We had lunch with all the trainers and the mission president and his wife upon arriving at his apartment. Then we got our companions and had like an introduction to the brasil londrina mission meeting that seemed like forever. It probably was only two hours but two hours of focusing on each individual word that is spoken and show is pretty hard. The day I can passively understand everything will be so great. They say it only takes 3 months. I guess I will find out. Then we went to a bus station and waited there for an hour for a ride to our new homes. Then we unpacked and went to bed at 1:00. A long 22 hour day. Then you wake up at 6:30 and go again lol. The house I am staying at is pretty nice. However we do not have warm water, so my shower this morning was great lol. Like the Samoan showers we took. But everything is nice. We have a ceiling ang a floor and a smal plug in fan. That is vital for survival. It is very warm and there are no air conditioners anywhere. Not in the home, the church, the stores, anywhere lol. I will always appreciate warm water and air conditioning now. lol I am very excited to be here and desire much to help others and have baptisms because they apparently have a lot here. I just hope that the language will get easier quickly. So I guess you can pray for me to help me learn the languge and have the gift of tongues. Thanks. My Pday is on Monday each week now so you will always know when I will write. Same as in the states. I am glad that everyone is doing well and you had a good holiday week at home. Must have been weird being home. Well I got to run. I love you guys and stay safe! ,Elder Worsley​

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh WOW! Sounds like it was a good game! I was curious about it all week lol. Well life goes on and the next adventure comes. That would be awesome if AJ got to play mixed doubles with Shelby lol, That is what i tried to do last year haha. They would get to regionals for sure. Coker and lindsey probably will go to state or at least pretty far. Sounds like you will be in for another long tennis season lol. That is pretty awesome he will get to be on two varsity teams as a freshman. Are you getting him a lettermen jacket yet? I cannot believe people are already finding our house! CRAZY! Especially from Alabama. Aubrey must be doing some personal contacting lol. She served her mission in Alabama right? haha. Oh and make sure the new house has our ping pong room! Lol just kididng, but that would be pretty awesome. Well this week has been craaaaaazy. We are now the old people and everyone is starting to say goodbye already. I think I am prepared. I know when I get to the field the learning curve will increase dramatically. Like participating in the temple, and working in the temple. I still probably only know 2% of the langugae but I can hold my own in a conversation and teach all the lessons and pray and bear testimony. Sometimes it is a little hard because the brasileros speak really fast. Women are hard to understand too because they are so dramatic lol. And a few people during proselitismo without any teeth lol. The language is really fun though and very similar to both spanish and english. The gift of tongues and interpretation thereof have been vital in my time here and I am so greatful for those things. However memorizing scriptures is a little difficult for me. The translations are not perfect so it can get confusing. However we were challenged to memorize the first two articles of faith before the next day, and by the gift of tongues, I somehow memorized the first eight in one night! I was pretty stoked, and my professors were so shocked lol. I am ready to spread the gospel and begin the next wonderful adventure in my life. Thank you guys for raising me so well and for teaching me the gospel. It has blessed my life so much, and because of that I get to share that knowledge with others. Thank you so much. I love you guys. Thanksgiving was pretty relaxed here. We had a devotional in the morning, a live broadcast from provo with elder neil L anderson, the apostle. He talked about giving thanks in all things and being optimisitic and hopefull. It was good. We had splits as well and we taught the plan of salvation and it went pretty well. My new splits companion is a district leader. His name is Elder Pereira, quite common here. Me and a Brasilian by ourselves and we go town when teaching, lol it is so fun. We also had our thanksgiving meal for lunch. Lots of turkey and mashed patatoes. Brasileros do not celebrate thanksgiving and i am sure you could understand why lol being an american holiday, but it was very special. They went all out and decorated and everything, and for dinner our dessert was an all you can eat buffet of ice cream lol. AJ would love that. Mountains and mountains of it! It was good. I also read a lot of the book of mormon. I am in the words of mormon reading about king benjamin and it is super powerful. I have a pretty good name i think lol. I cannot wait to get to the end of the book of mormon. Proselitismo went super well! I was not afraid to contact people this time, and the spirit guided me the whole time. I was only rejected twice. once because the woman could not read and the second because i think the guy just needed to see a smile and so the seed was planted. Our companionship goal was to give out all 6 of our copies of the book of momon but did not. WE GAVE OUT 10!!! It was pretty legit. Brasileros love americans lol. Our whole district wanted to give away all 30 of our copies but instead we gave out 41!!! the lords hand was definitely helping us. Oh i met this guy and he is probably like my best friend ever. He is so cool. He is going to BYU after his mission so that will be cool. His name is elder Olivira. well he changed his name to elder guindo now lol. olivera is too popular here so he changed it lol. He plays some intense soccer, ping pong, and volleyball. He is really awesome to talk to and knows a lot of english. We talk for like an hour each night and it is really cool to learn from each other. We both learn each others language and culture and what we both like to do. I hope my first companion is like him. He always asks how i am doing and is smiling and gives knuckle punches. he is just a super cool guy. He is from rio de janeiro and is serving in paraguay. Well my time is up, i hope you guys have a good week and some good adventures. I love you all! Elder Worsley.

Friday, November 18, 2016


WOW! That sounds like a super fun week! Aj's leg thing sounds like what i did to my leg sophomore year remember? But wow a 40 yarder is pretty good Aj! I remember Cameron Yoe being really good too!! we talked about them last year when we were in the play offs. It will be a good game for sure! Did the Woodville office finally get finished? I leave for the field on the 29th. So 12 more days. Everything settled down the week, so thank you guys for your prayers. We are still killing it here lol. We have English fasts every morning and starting next week we are going to try full day language fasts every day. we have been doing the morning language fast for about 2 weeks now. It is pretty hard, but it is great to see how much of the language you actually know. It also helps with learning new words you would normally use in a sentence. So my investigators are doing pretty good. Renato is loving everything and is very willing to learn the gospel and live by its standards, and Eryksson. lol Eryksson is very interested but he we had to get him to give up coffee, pornography, and probably the hardest one, soccer on Sundays lol. It was interesting to teach keep the Sabbath day holy, because the word for Sabbath is sabado and the word for Saturday is sabado as well lol. We were also asked about why Laban was killed and why he could kill if it was a commandment. Those are just the first two of many questions that we had not been prepared for really that will come but we got everything straightened out and everyone is still on date for baptism this Sunday. I love that quote! That is so good! I will be sure to always remember that! LOL my Brazilian roommates are nuts. They always sing american songs, dance all crazy, speak in girl voices, and many other crazy things. Lol they told me and my district leader that we would get lots of baptisms because of our looks. Also again thank you for the milkshakes! I am excited for the cinnamon rolls! They are huge and look super good lol. You would not believe it but I have gained 15 pounds as of last week! lol I am a little scared to weigh myself this week. But apparently we will not be fed much in the field so that will be fun. AJ I destroy the people here in ping pong lol. It is hard without my paddle. The ones here are like 5$ ones and they are very well used and practically ruined. However the people from Peru are pretty good, and a guy and girl came this week from Londrina that were good. Of course we cannot full loop or anything but it is still fun. It is generally 7 to 2. we cannot play any higher because there are a lot of people and little time, Winners stay so i get to play the whole time generally. Oh and Brazilians play some serious volleyball. It is so fun! We did 50 push ups yesterday for celebrating to much. Oh and I heard we cannot play soccer in the field because it is too competitive, so that is a bummer. But Brazilians are fun and they are all pretty athletic. Good luck with your game and go get a w for me! I Love You Guys so much! Have a good week! Love, Elder Worsley

Friday, November 11, 2016


Wow! Sounds like so exciting times! And I heard about TRUMP LOL. The Brasilians were going nuts. Now i cannot stop hereing about it. lol. They started tennis this early? that is going to awesome!!! I will be sure to make sure i recieve those packages, and if they are not there it will be alright as you said. Also thanks for the shakes that we will get lol apparently they are super good. I had a cookie a few weeks back and it was super good lol. Both my investigators are doing well, they are going to be baptized on the 20th which will be sweet. Oh and splits are great. My brasileiro is so funny. He such a geek it is hilarious. He would like aj lol. He plays all the games aj does haha. Oh i am feeling a whole lot better as of yesterday. I can finally swallow without much pain. It is amazing how you can take swallowing for granted lol. Still a little stuffy, but obedience, faith, and prayer brings mericoles. Thanks for praying for me. I love you guys! We finally got some more elders in the ctm going to londrina. they are from mexico and peru. 11 out of 320 now lol. they play some good ping pong. they are super competitive but they are all nice and we all get along. It seems like the days are weeks at first and now the weeks are becoming days. time is flying so quickly here it amazes me. Portuguese is coming along swiftly. i can bear my testimony more and more and answer questions and just talk to brasileiros it is crazy. the gift of tongues is so real. this week i have been praying a lot for the companionship of the holy ghost and how to better my way in obtaining and retaining it. Yesterday was crazy. Literally on a higher plane. even compared to my district. it was crazy that i could like feel their moods and negativity and sometimes even before they had said anything. Ever sense they heard about trump it has been less spiritual sadly. So maybe you guys could pray for my district to be able to focus a little more? i do not really need anything personal at the moment. My Brasileiro roomates are awesome! we read scriptures everynight and they are super helpful with the pronunciation and the meanings of words. they are also a bunch of nuts lol. Brasileiros are crazy at night lol. I really love our family pictures. i look at them everynight before i go to bed. it is nice to see you guys everyday although it is in picture form lol. We are having two gerneal authorities coming to the ctm next week so pday will be next thursday for me. i Hope you guys all have a good week. Eu amo vocês (I love you all).

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Interesting Week

So this week has been a little interesting. You know how i said i thought i had strep throat? well I was right and it almost put me in the hospital with two of my other friends in the district. Now 5 of the 9 are ill in one way or the other lol so if we are making prayer requests i think it would be nice to pray for our health. Concerning my health I am alright. My throat is killer but i live with it. The doctor here is apparently well known in the US but has no license to prescribe meds here so i live on ibuprofen. Amoxil would be sweet but its whatever. I did not go to the hospital like they wanted me to though so that is a plus. This week my companion and I got our two investigators baptismal dates and they agreed to quit smoking and drinking coffee because everyone here drinks coffee it seems like. We are also now going on splits with brazilians which is pretty crazy. we spend half of the day with one. My brasilian companion´s name is elder Leite which is brasilian for milk lol, but he is super cool and super nerdy like most brasilians. they like to talk about videogames all the time lol. But teaching with a brasilian is great because they can speak what i wish i knew how to say. As far as the language goes i think i am doing really well. Every time we talk to brasilians everyone is amazed and i can understand most people. The hardest thing about the language is learning all the verbs and their corresponding conjugations. that is all i really struggle with. I generally translate for the americans when i am close to those who cannot understand what is happening. and my companion is fluent in spanish so portuguese is nothing to him. Almost all the words are the same. being obedient to a tee is very much important in all aspects of a mission but especially with learning a language. i am also grateful for my busy high school for preping me for stress and for learning how to focus. i think that is what sets me apart. i manage stress well, i study my butt off, and i follow every rule. the spirit is also very necessary to have. Oh and tommorow we go out into the real world and proselyte for a few hours. Each companionship gets 6 copies of the BoM. I am pretty stoked for that. I am in district 42b english and have mailbox 19. Also tell aj that they have a ping pong table here and although i do not have my paddle i am smoking everyone. lol it is really fun playing against the brasilians who know how to play a little. they get super into it. I hope everyone has a good week. I love you all!!! also i apologize for mispelled words and bad punctuation and capitilization lol i have to type fast and i have to type in english on a portuguese keyboard so it is a little weird lol.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I made it!

Well I made it to Brazil safe and sound! I was at gate a10 for an hour and then had to relocate to a14 which made me a little nervous. I was the only elder flying from Houston. The plane was 90% military so we all chatted it up. My seat mate had never flown before so i helped him through that. He drives tanks! I taught him the restoration and almost gave him a Book of Mormon. Then in Atlanta there was 23 of us. 2nd largerst group to the MTC yet! So far it has been really great, and I am taking lots of photos,but am limited for time at the moment. My companion is from Brownsville and is fluent in spansih. His name is elder Wilson. It is hard not saying dude or bro all the time lol. Do not worry about me. I am fine. Have a good week, and tell me how Aj´s game goes and anything else important.

Finally, a P Day!

Hey guys!!! I finally got my first P-Day!! Lol it has been a crazy first 10 days around here for sure! The CTM is pretty awesome. The first day we arrived we did not really do much, but that was the last time we had nothing to do. lol. They put us through the wringer here but it is all for the best. Each day we wake up at 6:00 to eat before the line is huge, we do personal study, which is really just memorizing the words you will be using for your lessons with the pesquisadors (investigators). Then we have a couple of classes all in portuguese and we are not allowed to speak in english unless we honestly do not know how to say it in Portuguese. For me that has been the easiest part about the language. Listening is easy, but sometimes they speak like a million miles per hour. Thank goodness for four years of Spanish, yet also it is a curse. A lot of words have the same sound but are spelled differently but all of the verb conjugations are similar enough that I can know how to say things properly. After the classes in the morning we teach Rafael. He was super cool and believed everything we said. At first we were bringing in scripts to say, but with each passing day we have used less and less and taught from the spirit it has been awesome. Thankfully my companion is fluent in spanish so whenever I have no idea what Rafael is saying or how to say something he can tell me in spanish and we portugize it so to speak. Rafael was on date for baptism but moved because his dad was sick. However yesterday we got two new investigators named renato and eryksson. They are both pretty cool dudes. After that we have lunch, then it is straight back to the classroom. Honestly we only have two hours a day to study the language so it is kind of hard. In the afternoon we have a few classes and teach erkysson. Then we have dinner, Physical activity, and then preparation time for tomorrow and are in the dorm at 9:45. The food here is the bomb dot com! And the Brazilians say that the food here is not that good, and that in the field everyone cooks super well. Breakfast (desjejum) is the same every day- a pasty soup of either, banana, cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, or peanut butter. It is really good. Lots of protein. I dip bread in it like you would hot chocolate. Then we also have a ham sandwhich. One day we had pancakes with all that and they were the best pancakes I have ever eaten. They probably use cane sugar. Lunch (almoço) is different slightly everyday. I have had lots of really good chicken and lots of really good steak, and the occasional fried fish and fish sticks. and of course the main part of lunch and dinner is a whole plate full of rice and beans!!! Haha everyday.... Dinner (jantar)- is generally the same as lunch, but each meal we have a dessert with. Oh and this drink called Gujana (dont know how to spell it lol) is the best. It is like sprite mixed with apple juice. it is soooooo good! It is very similar to sparkling cyder. My companion is a pretty good guy, he just has to use the bathroom sooooo much. At least ten times a day. I have counted the many times he has gone standing up and it has only been once. Our afternoon instructor and I have a running joke with my companion about how he spends an eternity in there lol. He also cries a lot about his girlfirend But all is well. The Whole CTM said our district has been the best ever to come through the CTM! our district is super spiritual, exactly obedient, and learning the language so much faster than everyone else. The sad thing is is that the older missionaries dont care about the rules. But everything is well. We have an english branch here at the ctm and it is nice. sacrament meeting is in portuguese and the classes are in english so it is nice to hear english each week. We have devotionals every tuesday and sunday and they are really good. We were supposed to have a general authority come this week but it did not happen. Luckily we will be having another in 2 weeks or so. I am super greatful i was striving to be exactly obedient before my mission. A lot of my district is having a rough time. All but me and the District Leader had boy/girlfriends before coming and they are being wrecked by home sickness. The only thing killing me is, is that I am pretty sure I have strep throat. But I am doing really well. I love it so much. The spirit is amazing. Also elder holland´s grandson is here and he is a stud. He is on a languae fast that has been going for 2 weeks now. We chatted it up in portuguese once. He is a super nice guy. Today we went to the São Paulo temple and it was absolutely beautiful. Most beautiful one I have ever seen. You would have to see it for yourself to know the extent. But today will be my pday each week. I cant send pictures. TTYL!!!