Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

​This week nothing too crazy happend. We had three baptismal dates set but only one made it into the Waters. A little girl was throwing a fit and the other Young woman was sick. But Wesley got baptized and we have 4 consecutive weeks baptizing. we were unicorns one night as well lol I thought AJ would be prouf of me for doing this lol😝 Oh I also finished the new testament this past Friday! That was pretty exciting! Now I am going to read the book of mórmon again!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Another great week in Brazil!

Hey guys! How is it going?! Hopefully great! Barker is leaving?? huh. Must have gotten a better job offer with all the sucess he is having.Good for him. This week we did not just get to baptize Barbara.... we got to baptize two more special daughters of God as well on saturday! Three baptisms this week! 5 in two weeks! and 6 in three! We even made it on the mission website for our 3 baptisms in a week and for baptizing 3 weeks in a row. On top of that we have two more baptisms for the end of this week. When you work hard, God Works harder. We are pretty drained but the joy that we get after having baptized someone is a joy without words. It may be difficult with my copmanion but it is all worth it to see our work pay off in form of baptisms. But we were pretty stoked this week. President Pereira as well. He is sending our zone leaders to do splits with us tomorrow to check us out to see if we are ready to receive another calling. That is pretty exciting! But Barbara´s grandpa baptized her. I baptized Roseleni. And Gomez baptized Denize. We had three baptismal reunions lol. Lots of work. But luckily we have a PDay each week to rest, which means a big ole nap. Lol At night we get home, write in our journals, read a little of the bible and book of mórmon, hit the bed and are out. But that is about it this week with me. We have lots more work to do and have to get people to the baptismal pool lol. Everyone calls the font a pool. 😝. But I hope you guys have a great week! Enjoy the visit with Clif and Lindsay! I love you guys! Later! Elder Worsley

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day Follow Up

I was actually nervous before the skype because I was so excited lol. It was so great to participate in you guys´s happiness. You guys do not realize how happy you all are. Our family is truly blessed. And it was nice to speak and hear english again lol. And no worries for laughing about my poor english lol. I take no offense in that lol. For me it is a good sign like you said. But once again thanks for everything. I could not have been placed by Heavenly Father in a more perfect family. You guys are truly amazing examples for me. I love you all with all my heart. Now we just have to wait another 7 months lol. Just 2 more skypes left! Wahoo! I hope this week is awesome! Later Gator! I love you guys! Elder Worsley

Monday, May 8, 2017

More Pictures

All about Faith

Whaaaaaa? You guys went to the Jazz Golden State game? Lucky!!!! How was it? Did KD and Curry play? Any sick plays and or dunks?? Wow that must have been awesome. How did Grandpa do? Did he like it? And how is the Park City house? Sounds like you guys are having a blast back home. Here things are starting to finally slow down. I did not get a transfer notification so I will be here with Elder Gomez for another 6 weeks. This week we managed to have one baptism but the others are still possibilities. Everyone uses the I am not prepared or ready excuse. Kind of annoying when you know that the people are ready and that they just have to exert a little more faith but won´t. But at least I was not transfered so I will get to work with everyone some more and see them through to their baptisms. This week we had a miracle happen. We went to this couple´s house to teach them and the woman, Elaine, wanted nothing more to do with the gospel, our lessons, or the church. We got to their home and she was super angry with us. My companion had been pushing them really hard to be baptized and she was angry because of that. However, her husband was completely normal because he would have been baptized the very first day we met him at church. So we left a short message with him and left rather sad. But we called him saturday to arrange a ride to church and he told us he would not need one even though he lives way far a way, 3 miles from the church, has a foot injury, and is 63 years old. So we thought that meant he would not go to church. Almost no one we teach has a car by the way. So we went to church and saw all of our investigators and the less actives we have been teaching except this couple. I was a little down. But I felt prompted to bear my testimony and so I did. Everyone was bearing testimony about the temple and I was kind of ablidged to bear my testimony of the temple lol. But I got up there and boom, there was the couple sitting with the ward mission leader. Sweet! So I bore testimony about the temple, setting goals to reach our miracles, faith, and forgiveness. Then Gomez went and discovered the same thing and bore testimony about faith as well. After the meeting we accompanied everyone to the gospel principles class and had a great discussion about The Church in Our Day. The investigators loved it. After that class, Elaine asked for forgiveness and we were super excited. Then after Priesthood and Relief society a member asked us when Elaine and her husbands´s baptism was to be. We were utterly confused. She then said "Elaine told me that she wanted to be baptized today with her husband." ......... HUH???!!! Where is she? Where is she??? We ran and found her and she told us she was sorry again and said that there was a reason that they felt at home in our church and they said it was because they knew it was true. So we set a date for saturday and they will be baptized on saturday. What a story huh? Just goes to show that God´s time table is different than ours and that we ought not give up on people and ought to exhort a little more faith in The Lord in all things. But this week went really well. My companion was angry with me for a few days, but what can you do about something that is out of your control. But he told some members and myself that I was his favorite and best companion yet. So although you may have a hard relationship, you can still make a difference in the lives of others. Love when it is hard to love, and everyone will be blessed. And sunday I will be able to skype. You guys are only two hours behind us right? If so I will skype you guys at 4 o'clock here in Brasil which would be 2 o´clock over there. And I think it would be better if you guys skyped from the church, or one of Dad´s offices because the internet at home is pretty slow and last time it was pretty hard to relay our messages. What are your plans? Also what are the accounts names and passwords? I forgot.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Busy Week!

Lol we were running around this morning trying to find an internet café because literally everything is closed. We got a good 5k in and finally found one that was open. Man Brazil has too many holidays lol. Everyone, and I mean everyone has closed up shop today. But this one place. Thank goodness. This week was not easy. But hey The warriors won the first round of the play offs 4-0! Lol. We had a trizone conference with President Pereira on tuesday and we learned a lot. That day I also had another interview with The Mission President. He was super excited for me. My President is a really good man. He sent the APs to help us for two days this week because our area is massive. We have investigators spread out everywhere. It is like walking from our home in Lumberton to the soccer fields, then to the eye doctor on the other side of town, then going to walmart, then going back home. Each day... Needless to say, all that walking wears you out. Especially when you end up running it all because there is not sufficient time in the day to meet with everyone otherwise. But luckily we had the APs to help us. It is easier when you can divide the labor between two companionships. But at the end of the week we ended up having eleven people prepared for baptism. Buuuuut.... every single one of them fell through... Everyone. Tough slug. But what can you do about the choices of others. Absolutely nothing. Just keep moving forward. Try and try again. It is not how hard a boxer hits that wins him the fight, it is how many times he can take a hit, get back up and keep going, while doing his part. This week is the last week of the transfer but it is highly likely that Gomez and I will remain in our area together. But this week we will push to have our 12 investigators baptized this week. Pray for us!