Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, February 27, 2017

New Companion

So carnival is this crazy big holiday here in brazil. Except it is like a holiWEEK not day. They began saturday blowing off fireworks like crazy, sunday everyone was drunk, today everything is closed and evryone is going to the beach and better Carnvial locations such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, or the northeastern states. For the rest of the week it will be one large party for everyone. Luckily for me, I am in Londrina and not many people celebrate Carnival or else we would have restrictions. Carnival is a risky holiday, Generally everyone drinks like crazy and walks around in skimpy clothing if any clothing at all, and there are a lot of chastity breaking. Any where in public, parks, the road, everywhere. Boy am I blessed not to be in another mission where these things occur. The other missions have their missionaries stay inside their homes for the week. But all is well with me here in Londrina! Lol And yeah the time changed and now it is bright at 5:30 and dark at 7:30. I psrticulsrly do not like this time because it means less time to teach and find people. At night everyone thinks we are either the police or robbers so it is dificult lol. My new companion is pretty cool. He is from Chile and has 6 months in the mission. He is also a professional scuba diver for the nation of Chile and a professional magician. In scuba diving he is number one in his country and number two in chile and venezuela. So that is pretty unique, but his magician skills are insane. He is much better than the magicians on the cruises we have been on, in some aspects lol. He also is really good with rubik´s cubes like Aj. His record with the 2x2 is 6 seconds and the 3x3 is 18 seconds. But he is really cool and really nice. He even cooked me breakfast twice this week. It has been months sense I have had anything besides a hot dog or cup of yogurt lol. But he is cool. This past week we did not get to do too much work because we were working around helping the APs and the ZLs. It has been different working with my new comp. He came from foz de iguaçu where everyone gets 10 baptisms per transfer and the people are all receptive to the missionaries. So he is having some difficulties with all the rejections we get.But we are working hard. Nothing too exciting took place this week. I am glad to here the vacation went well and that you guys are going to build a new house by yourselves! That is awesome! I hope you guys have another great week. I love you guys!

Monday, February 20, 2017


Lol I am glad you guys all had a great vaccation! i am sorry to hear that you guys were unable to find the church lol. Sounds like Brasil. We have churches like we are accustomed to, and we have barns for churches. Also none of the roads are clearly marked here either. lol. Oh how fun the south american lifestyle is huh? lol As for the food, it is basically the same as the food in the states. I am very lucky to be in southern Brasil. This is the nicest part of Brasil. The homes are beter, the jobs are better, and the food is better. I have not eaten anything crazy and probably will not ever on the mission. Up north is where the crazy stuff is lol. I really enjoyed seeing the photos of aj. And the short clip. That was awesome to experience! This week I got a private tour of the airport´s control tower! That member that I told you about with all the airplane stuff works there and got is a tour for free. It is impossible to get in without an inside guy so we were very blessed. We even got to see three planes land from the tower!!! It is very incommon for an airport the size of the airport in St. Kitts to have three in 30 minutes. So we were super fortunate! We worked a lot this week but are not having much success with our invesigators. Everyone is either mentally ill or rejecting us or not accepting our commitments. Oh cool experience. We were in our investigators home when her son entered in. We had never seen him before so we turned our focus towards him. He has problems with alcohlism and smoking. We taught the gospel of jesus christ lesson and at the end he gave us his pack of cigarrettes to show he was willing to change. There may be a possibility with him. That was truly a unique experience. Repentance is real and it is powerful. Nothing else really happened. Today is transfer day and my companion is going to be a zone leader in another zone. Sweet! He has 6 months in the field and he is already a zone leader. He was trained, he trained me, and now zone leader. I was blessed with the best trainer in terms of obedience in my group. But I will be getting a new companion and my zone leaders are moving to another area in the zone. So it may be just me and my comp in our giant house now lol. Time to reaccustom lol. But all in all I am doing great. I hope you guys are doing well and have another great week nad are able to catch up on everything. I love you guys! Tchau!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Baptism for Juana

My week was good. The only thing that really happened was my baptism saturday. Her name is Juana. She is 77 years old. She has had four pairs of missionaries teach her throughout her life and she told us she would finally listen and that now was her time to do God´s will. So we got her baptized real quick lol. Oh and my training is almost through. I have two more weeks left. Yay! Maybe after my training I will be able to have a little more authority with my companions because I am not "being trained still". My companion yesterday asked me how I would feel being a trainer next transfer. I have no idea what that intels for my future but whatsoever may come will be for the best. The Lord qualifies whom he calls right? lol. But yeah good times here in the mission. I am working hard, and having a great time. Time sure is flying by. We are already in February! Wow. I hope you guys have another great week! I love you guys! Tchau!