Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I made it!

Well I made it to Brazil safe and sound! I was at gate a10 for an hour and then had to relocate to a14 which made me a little nervous. I was the only elder flying from Houston. The plane was 90% military so we all chatted it up. My seat mate had never flown before so i helped him through that. He drives tanks! I taught him the restoration and almost gave him a Book of Mormon. Then in Atlanta there was 23 of us. 2nd largerst group to the MTC yet! So far it has been really great, and I am taking lots of photos,but am limited for time at the moment. My companion is from Brownsville and is fluent in spansih. His name is elder Wilson. It is hard not saying dude or bro all the time lol. Do not worry about me. I am fine. Have a good week, and tell me how Aj´s game goes and anything else important.

Finally, a P Day!

Hey guys!!! I finally got my first P-Day!! Lol it has been a crazy first 10 days around here for sure! The CTM is pretty awesome. The first day we arrived we did not really do much, but that was the last time we had nothing to do. lol. They put us through the wringer here but it is all for the best. Each day we wake up at 6:00 to eat before the line is huge, we do personal study, which is really just memorizing the words you will be using for your lessons with the pesquisadors (investigators). Then we have a couple of classes all in portuguese and we are not allowed to speak in english unless we honestly do not know how to say it in Portuguese. For me that has been the easiest part about the language. Listening is easy, but sometimes they speak like a million miles per hour. Thank goodness for four years of Spanish, yet also it is a curse. A lot of words have the same sound but are spelled differently but all of the verb conjugations are similar enough that I can know how to say things properly. After the classes in the morning we teach Rafael. He was super cool and believed everything we said. At first we were bringing in scripts to say, but with each passing day we have used less and less and taught from the spirit it has been awesome. Thankfully my companion is fluent in spanish so whenever I have no idea what Rafael is saying or how to say something he can tell me in spanish and we portugize it so to speak. Rafael was on date for baptism but moved because his dad was sick. However yesterday we got two new investigators named renato and eryksson. They are both pretty cool dudes. After that we have lunch, then it is straight back to the classroom. Honestly we only have two hours a day to study the language so it is kind of hard. In the afternoon we have a few classes and teach erkysson. Then we have dinner, Physical activity, and then preparation time for tomorrow and are in the dorm at 9:45. The food here is the bomb dot com! And the Brazilians say that the food here is not that good, and that in the field everyone cooks super well. Breakfast (desjejum) is the same every day- a pasty soup of either, banana, cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, or peanut butter. It is really good. Lots of protein. I dip bread in it like you would hot chocolate. Then we also have a ham sandwhich. One day we had pancakes with all that and they were the best pancakes I have ever eaten. They probably use cane sugar. Lunch (almoço) is different slightly everyday. I have had lots of really good chicken and lots of really good steak, and the occasional fried fish and fish sticks. and of course the main part of lunch and dinner is a whole plate full of rice and beans!!! Haha everyday.... Dinner (jantar)- is generally the same as lunch, but each meal we have a dessert with. Oh and this drink called Gujana (dont know how to spell it lol) is the best. It is like sprite mixed with apple juice. it is soooooo good! It is very similar to sparkling cyder. My companion is a pretty good guy, he just has to use the bathroom sooooo much. At least ten times a day. I have counted the many times he has gone standing up and it has only been once. Our afternoon instructor and I have a running joke with my companion about how he spends an eternity in there lol. He also cries a lot about his girlfirend But all is well. The Whole CTM said our district has been the best ever to come through the CTM! our district is super spiritual, exactly obedient, and learning the language so much faster than everyone else. The sad thing is is that the older missionaries dont care about the rules. But everything is well. We have an english branch here at the ctm and it is nice. sacrament meeting is in portuguese and the classes are in english so it is nice to hear english each week. We have devotionals every tuesday and sunday and they are really good. We were supposed to have a general authority come this week but it did not happen. Luckily we will be having another in 2 weeks or so. I am super greatful i was striving to be exactly obedient before my mission. A lot of my district is having a rough time. All but me and the District Leader had boy/girlfriends before coming and they are being wrecked by home sickness. The only thing killing me is, is that I am pretty sure I have strep throat. But I am doing really well. I love it so much. The spirit is amazing. Also elder holland´s grandson is here and he is a stud. He is on a languae fast that has been going for 2 weeks now. We chatted it up in portuguese once. He is a super nice guy. Today we went to the São Paulo temple and it was absolutely beautiful. Most beautiful one I have ever seen. You would have to see it for yourself to know the extent. But today will be my pday each week. I cant send pictures. TTYL!!!