Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, July 10, 2017

Birthday Boy!

Hey guys! How is it going? I am glad to here you guys are enjoy a nice warm summer on the beach with lots of time in florida as well. Down here in Brasilian winter it has been pretty cold. It was rather strange when I woke up on my birthday and it was in the 40s not in the 90s lol. Super strange. But my birthday was good. We had lunch with that sister that did not know that it was my birthday haha but that is all good. Then we went and had cake with Ana and Gilberto and then we went to Nilva´s house and had dinner and cake. Then we had a meeting at the church with the Ward mission leader and then we went home. It was a good 30km walking distance day lol. Oh and my lunch plate was the smallest because I place the food on my plate tactically. That vĂ­deo that Dora sent you is very accurate especially in the luch appointment. I grab a little the first plate, a little bit more the second plate, and then a bit more the third round through. They do not let you leave basically without having you eat 2 or 3 plates of food. The sisters Always say, " What? You didnt like the food? Eat more Elder, Eat more! If you are hungry later tonight it will be on your head!" and other variences of the such lol. But this week was really weird. Nobody was in the roads to talk to and the people that we were already teaching were never at home. Then our 3 baptisms for this weekend fell through. 2 because they had to go have lunch with Family members and 1 because the dude disappeared to who knows where. But we will do all that we can to get them baptized. I am glad to hear that AJ got accepted into IMG! That is pretty awesome! I hope all goes well with the transition with work, the house, AJ being number 1 in class, and the Branch. I will be praying for all to go well. Enjoy this wonderful adventure! I love you guys! Elder Worsley

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