Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, June 26, 2017

New Companion

So I got my son today. He is Brazilian. He is from São Paulo. He is 20 years old and has been studying buisness and administrations and worked for the church in são Paulo helping returned missionaries find Jobs and become self sufficient. His name is Elder Nicolau. He should be a stellar companion. He was also zone leader in the ctm, that is pretty cool. But he is very humble and excited to get to work. He is a bit nervous and scared, but I mean who isn´t in the beginning, especially the first day? Tomorrow we will get to work. Later Gator! I love you guys! Dude that is super awesome to hear about what is going down with AJ. I told him he could be a professional kicker if he really wanted it, and he said he did. So this will definitely be a huge step in the right direction. Way to go bro! I had those cold shivers Reading about this. I am super stoked. Lol Where are you guys going to go next week for vacation? Did you guys go to youth conference? This week we had a whole lot of rough work. I decided to drop all of our investigators. They were not really progressing anyways. So we did lots and lots and lots of clapping at gates lol. Which would be knocking doors for everyone in the states lol. Lots of rejection, lots of time in the sun, lots of new faces, new informations, and new problems to solve. However we got some new people to church and we are going to prepare them to be baptized next week. But my companion is a really good guy and a hard worker. He is perfect. All he wants to do is baptize which is exactly what we as a mission need to do. Everyone thinks I am crazy because I get so animated about baptisms lol. But you have to be if you want to have sucess. You have to like what you are doing to have sucess. And over-exagerate everything so as to motivate others. But my companion will be a leader in the mission in no time. He has the right mind set. I am learning a lot with him. Especially this week about the importances of bearing testimony. These past few months I have been teaching lots of people and teaching rather well, but I had been forgetting about the power and authority of a simple testimony. Brigham Young said that someone could use all the fancy, eloquet words in the world to try to convince me of the trithfullness of the book of mórmon and I would not believe it. But when I heard a simple testimony about the book of mórmon I could not deny of its truthfullness. And with Elder Nicolau I have been reminded that there is a great importance and necessity behind a simple testimony, and I have been trying to improve in that aspect of my missionary life. Also we had a baptism yesterday. It was pretty great. Aline, the woman we baptized, happened to be the daughter of Dora! And Dora is a member in Antares Londrina that Always helped us. We did our Skype in her house at Christmas. And she was so happy that we baptized her daughter. She even made the long trip to Arapongas to see her baptized. And in my message before the baptism she was crying. The gospel brings so much happiness and joy to families. The spirit was super Strong and there was nothing better than that wet hug that Dora gave to her daughtert after the baptism. But that is about it that happened this week. Oh and I got the package when I picked up Elder Nicolau in Londrina. Thanks! I love the pictures and the curry Jersey! NBA Champions baby! And all the beautiful ties! Man that was an answer to some of my prayers lol. Does dad know that you put his ties in the box?? Haha But thanks. Thanks for everything you guys. I love you all so very much. Have a great week! Elder Worsley

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