Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, July 31, 2017

Another week in Brazil

Looks like there is a good space for the ping pong room lol!! How exciting! I am stoaked for you guys and all the new adventures, church callings, friends, and such activities. Awesome! So we had transfers today but my son and I will not be transfered. We were hoping to leave our difficult área. And our zone leaders called me asking if I was ready to be called as a district leader. But nothing has changed. I will be here for a total of 6 months here in Arapongas. This week we had a pioneer/ brazilian July party. Each year every social organization in Brasil has a party in either June or July. Why? I know not but it is sure different. But man was there some good food. We did not get to enjoy the party really however. We were running after investigators all night. But we will have lots of people to contact this week. And we ought two have two baptisms this weekend. Have a good week this week. I love you guys!!! Good luck with the move!

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