Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, June 5, 2017

Tough Week!

No surprise that AJ won all these awards lol. Not only because he is a number one in class, but because the kid is smart. But it seemed to be just my luck that my class happened to have the most smart kids in the history of woodville lol, but also I hardly ever studied so it is partly on my plate the reason I placed where I did lol. But post mission, school will be a lot different. Now I know how to study and I will have more maturity. Lol maybe not that mature but you know haha. How long will AJ be in florida? Will he just be kicking or is there some tennis involved as well? But that is super cool that Brady came back and visited and helped with the blessing of the sacrament. Also cool that he took upon himself that decision to serve a mission. That is just awesome. This week was a tough week. We got a call from Bolivia Wednesday. Elder Gomez´s fiancĂ© passed away. He was crushed. So we have been trying to sort through this problem. But it has not been too easy. More to that, we did not baptize this week and we lost our baptizing streak. We did not take too well to that as well. But we are making do with what we got. I gave him Erika´s email so that he could have someone to write on Mondays because now he does not have anyone that writes him. But we will see what happens this upcoming week. Have a great weekend in Florida! And goodluck AJ with your camps! I want to hear that you kicked one in from the 50 yard line! I love you guys!

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