Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Friday, June 16, 2017

Winter is here

This week was rather slow for us. We had a bi-zone confernece tuesday with President Pereira and came home that night. So we didnt get to start working until wednesday and our investigators were feeling abandoned. Also nobody wanted to accept our messages our go to church because it is freezing cold down here. Yeah we entered into the winter season and now I am dreading the brutal Brazilian heat. It is much better to be pouring sweat than to be freezing cold without the ability to warm up. It has been in the 30s and 40s this week. There are no heated places either so you are freezing in the road but also in all the buildings that you enter. We have to sleep in three layers of clothes and with our jackets lol. But they say here that the cold will pass in August. But this week has been pretty slow. Hopefully we get a few baptisms in this weekend as it is the last week of the transfer.President Pereira told Gomez that he will likely be transfered. He said he thought about transfering him the transfer before. He also told me in my interview with him that it is likely that I stay here for a long time, which I presume to mean that I will be here another 3 months, but we will see next monday what happens. I hope all is well with you guys back home and that you enjoy your summer free of your children and just relax lol. You have to get used to not having kids at home because it is not too far away. How exciting it must be for you guys to have raised some pretty stellar children. But have a great week! I love you guys!

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