Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, January 30, 2017

Another Baptism

That is awesome that the town is excited for your opening. Hopefully you guys can grow out of woodville and continue expanding and having success. Props for Aj with his chanter lol. That is hilriously awesome. Wish him luck for me with tennis and solo and ensemble. At first it will be dificult but do not worry about it. Just have fun. And kick some tail! lol Thanks for the quotes each week. I love them. I am recording them in a journal. They are really great. Speaking of journals, I passed day 100 of my mission 3 days ago. Wahoo! Um I do not have any names for the temple. All is well here. But you can pray for us that we can have some baptisms because our area is in a baptism drought. And for my continual progression in the language. That would be swell. This week I baptized our investigator, Solange. The change that took place in her heart was truly a miracle. She went from completely depressed and never smiling to not being able to stop smiling. She has had many bad experiences in her life, but that is all beginning to change now. Oh and the night after her baptism she had a dream/vision. She remembers ditinctly viewing the words "I am blessed" from her vision. What is crazy was that it was in English. She asked me what it meant on sunday after her confirmation and cried and could not stop saying that she was blessed. Wicked cool. Congrats on the baptisms back home. That must be a branch and mission record for number of convert baptisms in a day. Congrats! Nothing else is new this week, just working hard and trying to be my best for The Lord. I hope you guys have a miracleous monday and a wonderous week. I love you guys so very much! Tchau!

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