Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, January 9, 2017

Teaching English This Week!

lol yeah I was working all by myself, the others watched for the first five minutes and got bored and went to sleep rather than cleaning the house. It is a little difficult to motivate my companions to want to work but I am managing just fine and will be blessed for my efforts. I cannot believe that it snowed! That is crazy! And sleet? Wow... I was tekking my companion yesterday that I have been stuck in summer for basically 8 months now without a break of heat. I would like some cold weather right about now lol. Londrina is very similar to bi-polar texas. It will be perfectly clear 100 degree weather one moment and start pouring rain the next and then go back to super hot. Crazy weather here as well. I do wish we had more of a breeze here though. It is very humid like texas and so it feels like we are walking through molecular walls of water all the time. There has not been a day or night where I have not been covered in a layer of water lol. Oh how great a blessing air condition will be in 2 years lol. Aj will be playing with Brooke? Sweet! She will be good. She is always practicing and wants to get better so that is a good sign. Aj should do well at the tournament, he is much better prepared than I was. Lol I still remember my first tournament where that kid from Nederaland cheated me out and I lost 9-7. lol good for AJ, go get 'em stretch! Oh and bagpipes??? That is hilarious! And awesome. But know that bagpipes are incomplete without a kilt ;) lol. Have fun listening to that in the house! It should make for some interesting moments! This week has been good, our investigator pool is pretty firm and we are hoping that our two baptisms next sunday will hold through, we have a possible 8 to be baptized in these next two weeks so we are praying that all continues to go well. My first transfer ended yesterday and it was pretty cool to see that we got 10 different people to church, taught 110 lessons, and had 690 contacts. My companion is confused to why we are not having many baptisms with the amount of effort we are putting in. His trainer is what they call a fubeca or slacker in english. They hardly worked at all and had 8 baptisms. I know not what The Lord's plan is for me in Antares but we are giving it our all! I had my first english class this week and it went well. we only had one student but still it went well. Tomorrow we have an anticipated 40 students lol. It will be dificult but all things are made possible through christ who strengthens me. We need not feel nervous, anxious, depressed, or afraid because we know our purpose and the gospel is made for the weakest of saints to live. I love this gospel and cannot wait to feast upon it for the rest of my life and giving my life to the lord to be of his service. Thinking about my future in the gospel always gives me hope and peace. Eternity truly will be full of joy. And eternity is now. Have a good week guys! I love you!

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