Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, January 16, 2017

New this week!

Lol AJ´s coach told him to get back to practicing already? Interesting... Who knows is in store for next year lol. Finally the office is ready! Only 16 months in the making right? lol I do not know otherwise where the tennis bag would be. Maybe in the new garage or in the closet of the bedroom by the front door in the old house. Or maybe the old garage, I do not remember. So our baptisms that we had set up all fell through, which has been occuring practically every time. Our two diamnds in the rough ended up needing to be married legally, and our other two did not make it to church. But we are going to continue on with them and hope for this week or the next week. Oh and we had 9 people in our english class this week so that was nice. We are teaching this guy named Luiz. He is a "spirit". Spirits are people that have spiritual gifts or so they say. Spiritual gifts as in seeing demons, spirits, other people´s lives, prophecy, and so forth. So he was telling us about his past life and how he lived down the road from where he lives now in the year 166 a.c. He then showed us a painting that he painted of how it looked in that time. I do not know if it is possible for us to live on the earth before being born or not but it was an interesting concept for the following reason. He even told us that he remembered his past life´s name. And he said he read it in the Book of Mormon. I then was prompted to tell him a little about temples and how we receive or heavenly name. It was really spiritual and one of the craziest lessons ever lol. But I thought you guys might find that interesting. The picture he painted is below. Nothing else exciting really happened this week. But I have some questions I need help answering. My companions always ask me deep profund questions and generally I can satisfy their demands but here are a few I need help with... If Adam and Eve were perfect in the garden why did they need to gather fruit and eat in the first place? Hence, why was it a temptation to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? If you forget your temple name, what happens? There were only dinosaurs on other planets... Who is Melquesidek? ... I know there are some more, but I have forgotten them. I do not know if you guys have any answers are not but if you do we would love to here them or even just your personal beliefs about these questions. Thanks! If you guys ever send another box I would like more pictures of home. The investigators and members here love my pictures and want to see more. Also, I do not know how expensive it is to send books, but I am looking for study material that I can use to further my knowledge of the gospel. Or if you have any recommendations, I can try to look for them in Portuguese but they do not have much here. My zone Leaders said that it is alright to read any church approved book about church doctorine. I do not know if you can amazon things here or not but we do have amazon lol. I am especially want missioonary books that I can use to learn to be a better missionary. If these things are possible I would love it, but if not all is well. Thanks for all that I have been given already, physically and spiritually. You guys are great, and in my view our family is perfect. Thanks for everything. Oh also, in all seriousness, my trainer and my Zone Leaders told me, they think I will be a trainer next transfer, or a district leader. I say in seriousness because they always joke that I will be the next Assistant to the President because I work hard and keep the rules. I am not position seeking though, I just want to serve. in whatever capacity that may be. But all is well here for be, despite being sick the last few days. If you guys want to pray for something for me, pray for my health and that we might find some success in our area. Thanks! I love you guys so much! Keep being awesome!!!

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