Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lots of working

We are doing lots of working and my Portuguese is getting slightly better each day. A few grains of sand at a time but over time with the sand i will have i can make a beautiful beach (be fluent). We have not been having much success with our investigators as of late. The people here do not really want to change. Lots of devote catholics and evangislists. So i read this book on how to be a better missionary and it was awesome. It is called Member Missionary Work and Finding the Elect of God. I read it in one night. I started using the techniques and it has helped a lot. I went from contacting 7 people a day and 27 as a companionship to contacting 27 and having 42 as a companionship a day. We are also getting more referalls and contacts and teaching lessons now. We do not have any investigators ready for baptism yet but we are trying. We are opening a lot of oysters looking for pearls. A few things we take for granted in the states. Air conditioners, couchs, curtains/blinds, houses without walls, dryers, cars, and three meals a day.

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