Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, December 26, 2016

It's all about Love!

It was great seeing you guys and hearing your voices yesterday! I had not realized how much I missed the sound of your voices. It was great seeing how happy you guys were! You do not see that much happiness that often here. You guys are greater than you probably think you guys are. Our family has an amazing foundation and I hope to model my future family after the same manner. I am really glad you guys are all doing so well, it was very comforting to hear. Thanks for incluiding me in the family prayer. That was reallay special to me. I was feeling the spirit super strongly.You guys are awesome and are a shinning beacon to those around you. I can see that a lot clearer now. You guys are wonderful examples. Thank you so much. But Yeah I am teaching my comps more than I am teaching our investigators it seems like. I had to teach my comp. and my zone leaders last friday how to have our weekly planning session lol. I also have to teach a lot of the missionary rules and standards. I have been noticing as of late how different of a missionary I really am, even when compared to the other american missionaries. Exact obediences truly does bring blessings. I am always reminding my companions these things. I use Dad´s saying `you´re right` all the time. After I try to correct or help them the pull the, how long have you been a missionary card. And how long have I been a missionary? It is actually a humbling experience for me. You can take good from all things even when people are telling you you are wrong. My companions always say that I am super serious. They like to speak about worldly things and joke around and kick your feet. When they see that I do not participate they say I am no fun and that I will not be liked by many people. I do not take offense to these things because I think of the savior. Would the savior do these things? If someone saw or heard me right now could they imagine christ doing the same? So there is comfort in being obedient and focused. I definitely have to be the example to them. I am like their moms lol. Always reminding them and trying to help. I am learning many things I did not think I would learn on my mission and am gaining a lot of respect for the things we have back home and for how I was raised. I am keeping in touch with my friend from the ctm. We email each week. He is doing pretty good. I also talk to my district each week so that is fun as well. It is cool seeing the gospel change the lives of missionaries as well as the lives of our investigators. I am also learning a lot about love. Loving strangers, loving to help people at any moment, loving when it is hard to love, loving your companions, loving your situations, good or bad, and just living in love. There is love everywehre. You can always give love and recieve love. A mission is truly a wonderful experience in ways that you cannot experience except by participating in one personally. I am realizing why love is the first 2 and the greatest commandments. Without love there is nothing. Reflect on your life, your surroundings, and your experiences and think of the love you have either given or recieved. Focus on these things and build on them. When you do so you will have more appreciation for these things before and be able to recognize the love that is in the world better. It will be a great experiences. Love opens hearts, and changes lives. Thanks for the quotes each week. I sure do love them. I hope guys have a great week and that Aj gets better and enjoys one more week of break. Keep on keeping on. I love you guys!

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