Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, December 12, 2016

Doing Better This Week!

Hey guys! How is it going? I am doing much better this week. It has seriously been 2 months? wow... Time seems to never move when you are thinking about now, but when you look back it is like a blur. Crazy! I heard that coach Ramos had his leg amputated from mandy. Ouch. And that my friend Savanah got in a bad car wreck and is in the hospital. What is crazy is that in the ctm when we went to the temple, I was putting their names in for the prayer role. I always do the prayer role and always pray before doing so, in order to recieve revelation. Personal Revelation is so real. I am glad to here that all is well at home. I miss you guys. 2 years will fly by in a blur, I am sure. I am kind of ready for a good winter. It is super hot here. You are either drenched from sweat or from rain. Or both... lol It has been raining for the past 5 days now so the work has been a bit different. The rain will not stop me from sharing salvation with God´s children. It has been like 100 degrees everyday, and we walk super far everyday. thank goodness everyone here is willing to give us a cup of water. My companion knows a little english but not much, and the other two in my house do not know anything. They are trying to speak with me in english and it is kind of cool. Oh and when we are in public or in a lesson and my comp wants to tell me something privately, he will speak in english lol. Oh and he keeps offering people an english class taught by me, so i may become an english teacher here in the future lol. There are two sisters and one elder in my zone, and the elder is in my district. We have a zone meeting once a month and district meetings once a week so i get to talk to him a little. His name is Elder King. He is from Las Vegas and is really nice. He knows a bunch of Portugese but insists that I speak better than he did. The Brazilians say I speak better than most americans too. I am trying to belive that still lol. It is hard to think you are better than you give yourself credit. The routine here is pretty easy. I do not have any problems. However I do wish that I could have a language study each mornng. We do not get a language study until after the 1st 12 weeks. I do not know why. Oh and I am the only one that exercises in the morning. I want to run. Maybe with my next comp I can. Being exactly obedient truly is a blessing for sure. I like the city life here. I am not in down town however. I am in whatwould be like kingwood is to houston but way more impovrished. We walk, everywhere. We only take the bus when we have meetings down town. Each time we get on the bus it is 3.60 reals. Pretty spendy for our budget. We usually walk 20-25km a day. I have five things for AJ, and for the youth in general i guess, but mainly for AJ. Take seminary seriously. Memorize the scripture mastery scriptures. take language class in high school seriously. Develop good study habits. These things will help you very much on a mission and in general. Read the book of mormon all the way through by yourself. I do not have any baptisms set up, but we are always teaching. I can practically teach all the lessons in Portuguese and testify. My comp and the members here say my testimony is very powerful. I cry almost every time I bear testimony in Portuguese. The spirit is very stong when you are living worthily as a missionary. I love you guys! Chão! Elder, Worsley

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