Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Interesting Week

So this week has been a little interesting. You know how i said i thought i had strep throat? well I was right and it almost put me in the hospital with two of my other friends in the district. Now 5 of the 9 are ill in one way or the other lol so if we are making prayer requests i think it would be nice to pray for our health. Concerning my health I am alright. My throat is killer but i live with it. The doctor here is apparently well known in the US but has no license to prescribe meds here so i live on ibuprofen. Amoxil would be sweet but its whatever. I did not go to the hospital like they wanted me to though so that is a plus. This week my companion and I got our two investigators baptismal dates and they agreed to quit smoking and drinking coffee because everyone here drinks coffee it seems like. We are also now going on splits with brazilians which is pretty crazy. we spend half of the day with one. My brasilian companion´s name is elder Leite which is brasilian for milk lol, but he is super cool and super nerdy like most brasilians. they like to talk about videogames all the time lol. But teaching with a brasilian is great because they can speak what i wish i knew how to say. As far as the language goes i think i am doing really well. Every time we talk to brasilians everyone is amazed and i can understand most people. The hardest thing about the language is learning all the verbs and their corresponding conjugations. that is all i really struggle with. I generally translate for the americans when i am close to those who cannot understand what is happening. and my companion is fluent in spanish so portuguese is nothing to him. Almost all the words are the same. being obedient to a tee is very much important in all aspects of a mission but especially with learning a language. i am also grateful for my busy high school for preping me for stress and for learning how to focus. i think that is what sets me apart. i manage stress well, i study my butt off, and i follow every rule. the spirit is also very necessary to have. Oh and tommorow we go out into the real world and proselyte for a few hours. Each companionship gets 6 copies of the BoM. I am pretty stoked for that. I am in district 42b english and have mailbox 19. Also tell aj that they have a ping pong table here and although i do not have my paddle i am smoking everyone. lol it is really fun playing against the brasilians who know how to play a little. they get super into it. I hope everyone has a good week. I love you all!!! also i apologize for mispelled words and bad punctuation and capitilization lol i have to type fast and i have to type in english on a portuguese keyboard so it is a little weird lol.

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