Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh WOW! Sounds like it was a good game! I was curious about it all week lol. Well life goes on and the next adventure comes. That would be awesome if AJ got to play mixed doubles with Shelby lol, That is what i tried to do last year haha. They would get to regionals for sure. Coker and lindsey probably will go to state or at least pretty far. Sounds like you will be in for another long tennis season lol. That is pretty awesome he will get to be on two varsity teams as a freshman. Are you getting him a lettermen jacket yet? I cannot believe people are already finding our house! CRAZY! Especially from Alabama. Aubrey must be doing some personal contacting lol. She served her mission in Alabama right? haha. Oh and make sure the new house has our ping pong room! Lol just kididng, but that would be pretty awesome. Well this week has been craaaaaazy. We are now the old people and everyone is starting to say goodbye already. I think I am prepared. I know when I get to the field the learning curve will increase dramatically. Like participating in the temple, and working in the temple. I still probably only know 2% of the langugae but I can hold my own in a conversation and teach all the lessons and pray and bear testimony. Sometimes it is a little hard because the brasileros speak really fast. Women are hard to understand too because they are so dramatic lol. And a few people during proselitismo without any teeth lol. The language is really fun though and very similar to both spanish and english. The gift of tongues and interpretation thereof have been vital in my time here and I am so greatful for those things. However memorizing scriptures is a little difficult for me. The translations are not perfect so it can get confusing. However we were challenged to memorize the first two articles of faith before the next day, and by the gift of tongues, I somehow memorized the first eight in one night! I was pretty stoked, and my professors were so shocked lol. I am ready to spread the gospel and begin the next wonderful adventure in my life. Thank you guys for raising me so well and for teaching me the gospel. It has blessed my life so much, and because of that I get to share that knowledge with others. Thank you so much. I love you guys. Thanksgiving was pretty relaxed here. We had a devotional in the morning, a live broadcast from provo with elder neil L anderson, the apostle. He talked about giving thanks in all things and being optimisitic and hopefull. It was good. We had splits as well and we taught the plan of salvation and it went pretty well. My new splits companion is a district leader. His name is Elder Pereira, quite common here. Me and a Brasilian by ourselves and we go town when teaching, lol it is so fun. We also had our thanksgiving meal for lunch. Lots of turkey and mashed patatoes. Brasileros do not celebrate thanksgiving and i am sure you could understand why lol being an american holiday, but it was very special. They went all out and decorated and everything, and for dinner our dessert was an all you can eat buffet of ice cream lol. AJ would love that. Mountains and mountains of it! It was good. I also read a lot of the book of mormon. I am in the words of mormon reading about king benjamin and it is super powerful. I have a pretty good name i think lol. I cannot wait to get to the end of the book of mormon. Proselitismo went super well! I was not afraid to contact people this time, and the spirit guided me the whole time. I was only rejected twice. once because the woman could not read and the second because i think the guy just needed to see a smile and so the seed was planted. Our companionship goal was to give out all 6 of our copies of the book of momon but did not. WE GAVE OUT 10!!! It was pretty legit. Brasileros love americans lol. Our whole district wanted to give away all 30 of our copies but instead we gave out 41!!! the lords hand was definitely helping us. Oh i met this guy and he is probably like my best friend ever. He is so cool. He is going to BYU after his mission so that will be cool. His name is elder Olivira. well he changed his name to elder guindo now lol. olivera is too popular here so he changed it lol. He plays some intense soccer, ping pong, and volleyball. He is really awesome to talk to and knows a lot of english. We talk for like an hour each night and it is really cool to learn from each other. We both learn each others language and culture and what we both like to do. I hope my first companion is like him. He always asks how i am doing and is smiling and gives knuckle punches. he is just a super cool guy. He is from rio de janeiro and is serving in paraguay. Well my time is up, i hope you guys have a good week and some good adventures. I love you all! Elder Worsley.

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