Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Friday, November 18, 2016


WOW! That sounds like a super fun week! Aj's leg thing sounds like what i did to my leg sophomore year remember? But wow a 40 yarder is pretty good Aj! I remember Cameron Yoe being really good too!! we talked about them last year when we were in the play offs. It will be a good game for sure! Did the Woodville office finally get finished? I leave for the field on the 29th. So 12 more days. Everything settled down the week, so thank you guys for your prayers. We are still killing it here lol. We have English fasts every morning and starting next week we are going to try full day language fasts every day. we have been doing the morning language fast for about 2 weeks now. It is pretty hard, but it is great to see how much of the language you actually know. It also helps with learning new words you would normally use in a sentence. So my investigators are doing pretty good. Renato is loving everything and is very willing to learn the gospel and live by its standards, and Eryksson. lol Eryksson is very interested but he we had to get him to give up coffee, pornography, and probably the hardest one, soccer on Sundays lol. It was interesting to teach keep the Sabbath day holy, because the word for Sabbath is sabado and the word for Saturday is sabado as well lol. We were also asked about why Laban was killed and why he could kill if it was a commandment. Those are just the first two of many questions that we had not been prepared for really that will come but we got everything straightened out and everyone is still on date for baptism this Sunday. I love that quote! That is so good! I will be sure to always remember that! LOL my Brazilian roommates are nuts. They always sing american songs, dance all crazy, speak in girl voices, and many other crazy things. Lol they told me and my district leader that we would get lots of baptisms because of our looks. Also again thank you for the milkshakes! I am excited for the cinnamon rolls! They are huge and look super good lol. You would not believe it but I have gained 15 pounds as of last week! lol I am a little scared to weigh myself this week. But apparently we will not be fed much in the field so that will be fun. AJ I destroy the people here in ping pong lol. It is hard without my paddle. The ones here are like 5$ ones and they are very well used and practically ruined. However the people from Peru are pretty good, and a guy and girl came this week from Londrina that were good. Of course we cannot full loop or anything but it is still fun. It is generally 7 to 2. we cannot play any higher because there are a lot of people and little time, Winners stay so i get to play the whole time generally. Oh and Brazilians play some serious volleyball. It is so fun! We did 50 push ups yesterday for celebrating to much. Oh and I heard we cannot play soccer in the field because it is too competitive, so that is a bummer. But Brazilians are fun and they are all pretty athletic. Good luck with your game and go get a w for me! I Love You Guys so much! Have a good week! Love, Elder Worsley

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