Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Friday, November 11, 2016


Wow! Sounds like so exciting times! And I heard about TRUMP LOL. The Brasilians were going nuts. Now i cannot stop hereing about it. lol. They started tennis this early? that is going to awesome!!! I will be sure to make sure i recieve those packages, and if they are not there it will be alright as you said. Also thanks for the shakes that we will get lol apparently they are super good. I had a cookie a few weeks back and it was super good lol. Both my investigators are doing well, they are going to be baptized on the 20th which will be sweet. Oh and splits are great. My brasileiro is so funny. He such a geek it is hilarious. He would like aj lol. He plays all the games aj does haha. Oh i am feeling a whole lot better as of yesterday. I can finally swallow without much pain. It is amazing how you can take swallowing for granted lol. Still a little stuffy, but obedience, faith, and prayer brings mericoles. Thanks for praying for me. I love you guys! We finally got some more elders in the ctm going to londrina. they are from mexico and peru. 11 out of 320 now lol. they play some good ping pong. they are super competitive but they are all nice and we all get along. It seems like the days are weeks at first and now the weeks are becoming days. time is flying so quickly here it amazes me. Portuguese is coming along swiftly. i can bear my testimony more and more and answer questions and just talk to brasileiros it is crazy. the gift of tongues is so real. this week i have been praying a lot for the companionship of the holy ghost and how to better my way in obtaining and retaining it. Yesterday was crazy. Literally on a higher plane. even compared to my district. it was crazy that i could like feel their moods and negativity and sometimes even before they had said anything. Ever sense they heard about trump it has been less spiritual sadly. So maybe you guys could pray for my district to be able to focus a little more? i do not really need anything personal at the moment. My Brasileiro roomates are awesome! we read scriptures everynight and they are super helpful with the pronunciation and the meanings of words. they are also a bunch of nuts lol. Brasileiros are crazy at night lol. I really love our family pictures. i look at them everynight before i go to bed. it is nice to see you guys everyday although it is in picture form lol. We are having two gerneal authorities coming to the ctm next week so pday will be next thursday for me. i Hope you guys all have a good week. Eu amo vocĂȘs (I love you all).

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