Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, May 22, 2017

Another great week in Brazil!

Hey guys! How is it going?! Hopefully great! Barker is leaving?? huh. Must have gotten a better job offer with all the sucess he is having.Good for him. This week we did not just get to baptize Barbara.... we got to baptize two more special daughters of God as well on saturday! Three baptisms this week! 5 in two weeks! and 6 in three! We even made it on the mission website for our 3 baptisms in a week and for baptizing 3 weeks in a row. On top of that we have two more baptisms for the end of this week. When you work hard, God Works harder. We are pretty drained but the joy that we get after having baptized someone is a joy without words. It may be difficult with my copmanion but it is all worth it to see our work pay off in form of baptisms. But we were pretty stoked this week. President Pereira as well. He is sending our zone leaders to do splits with us tomorrow to check us out to see if we are ready to receive another calling. That is pretty exciting! But Barbara´s grandpa baptized her. I baptized Roseleni. And Gomez baptized Denize. We had three baptismal reunions lol. Lots of work. But luckily we have a PDay each week to rest, which means a big ole nap. Lol At night we get home, write in our journals, read a little of the bible and book of mórmon, hit the bed and are out. But that is about it this week with me. We have lots more work to do and have to get people to the baptismal pool lol. Everyone calls the font a pool. 😝. But I hope you guys have a great week! Enjoy the visit with Clif and Lindsay! I love you guys! Later! Elder Worsley

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