Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This week's email

Wow sounds like everybody had an amazing week this week! Thanks for all the updates, I love them. And AJ´s message had me on edge the whole time! These updates are what make my week. It is like christmas for missionaries. Lol at least for me that is. But that is super good for all of you. This next week sounds like it will be a good one as well. Keep living it up! This week went by super fast for me. We have to literally run from appointment to appointment. Baptizing each week is not an easy feat. We did not manage to baptize the four people that promissed us that they would be baptized saturday. Soooo we have even more work for this week to baptize all them and the other people in which we had prepared. Man it is hard when your area is AAAAALL white and ready to harvest. Almost everyone here is an elect of God. I am hoping that my mission president will send some relief to our area next transfer. We have a meeting with him tomorrow in Londrina so we will have to catch a bus overnight. But all went well and I was indeed able to buy a memory card only 11$ for 16 GBs. I do not know if that is a good price but it was what they had. My relationship with my companion is a lot better. To change your outside environment is to change within. I realized that it is impossible to help people change. Only they can change themselves. So I took some time to reflect on everything and made myself adjust. It is still difficult but it is not a burden anymore or withdrawing my happiness. So I find joy in this small victory. Good thing I took the Kolbe test to know that I am good at adjusting lol ;) I have also been rather sick this week. Running around, sleeping and dreaming that you are teaching the missionary lessons or planning the nest day because it seems impossible to do everything, is pretty exhausting. And yes I sleep teach and sleep plan now... Lol But I received a blessing today and have the fatih that all will go well. This week we have 6 people to be baptized on saturday. Hopefully all goes well. We are the only companionship in our entire zone that is baptizing people so everyone expects us to baptize weekly. Prayers would be apreciated greatly. But that is all for now. I hope you guys have a good fun week! I love you all and miss you! Tchau! Elder Worsley says he is falling in love with motorcycles: Elder Worsley

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