Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Sunday, April 2, 2017

A wedding and conference

Wow... What a crazy week indeed. One crazy birthday for sure lol.Oh boy your little baby will now be driving.... Crazy! But I am sure glad that you guys are alright, safe, and sound. Tornados are no fun lol.When the car starts rocking and branches start hitting the car you know it is going to be a little crazy for the next bit of a while lol. Luckily you guys were not in the worst of the storm. But hey John got new clothes out of it and you guys got to eat at Tampico´s tacos lol. I will be sure to pray for Aubrie and her baby. I hope all goes well with the specialist. But be what it may, it will be God´s will and plan. So the stake was watching it through live broadcast in the chapel while serrano and I watched it in English in the relief society room. They already have all the talks printed out in all the languages so all they do is read the talks in portuguese while the speaker speaks. We watched the sunday evening session in Portuguese because we had an investigator show up to church and I understand about 80% of it but I had to listen word for word and form the sentences myself. But I was unable to feel the spirit the same way as I did when listening to it in english so I was unable to take good notes. I will watch it in english today in my spare time. But the dude speaks in portuguese soooo fast lol. But all is well. I liked Yoon Hwan Choi´s talk too. Also Ronald A Rasband´s talk, and Mark A Bragg´s talk. This conference was really good. It makes a big difference when you listen to conference because you have too, and when you listen because you want too. For the first time in my life I actually loved conference and grew spiritually becasue of it. So many personal prayers and questions were answered. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. This week was great but also difficult. We had 7 people prepared for baptism last sunday for this past weekend and only 4 were interviewed, then one did not pass the interview, and one dropped out 5 minutes before entering the water, and we only had two baptisms... But two is better than none. But hey I married two people and baptized them. Not everyone gets to say that. Also I got big news this morning.... I am being transfered tomorrow. I will be senior companion with E. Gomez who is in my same group and is from Bolivia. He was trained by serrano also. But my new area is Arapongas A in the Apucarana Zone. So all that I once new will be started over again. The Lord is instilling more growth in me I guess lol. Pray for me in these new changes. But that is about it for me this week. Goodluck to AJ with District Tennis this week, Goodluck with the doctor´s appointment, and have a good working week at the offices. I love you guys! Have a good one!

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