Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, March 27, 2017

Ward Conference

Yeah I saw the new racket in the pictures and the video! Looks like a good one to me lol! But that is good that they are working well together as a team! By the time he is a senior he will be kicking everyone´s butts. And lots of camps helps too. He will be better than me for sure. Just get ready for state! Lol I personally love those model homes over there in houston. lol I love looking at fancy houses and imagining living there one day. I bet you guys sure did have a blast as well. Those seem to be your kinds of things. Haha Trevor and John are so cute (especially John´s evil laugh lol) and intelligent! So this week was great, started amazingly and finished just as well. I got your package that you sent on tuesday after our district meeting! I absolutely loved it. It was perfect. I finished the JohnByTheWay book, am in the middle of the blue one about the prophets, and am in the middle of the one about the temple. Man that one has some deep deep doctrine lol. My mindjust gets blown and blown and blown with each passing page. I am learning a whole bunch! Thanks so much! My comp and I were twins yesterday for ward conference with those two ties that you sent. The ward liked it too! I will send the photos later. Speaking of photos thanks! Those were awesome! And for the extra financial help lol. Lots of candy too lol. I have been meaning to tell you guys for like the past two months now... You would not believe hoe much Elder Worsley weighs now lol. I weigh 146.6 pounds now.... I think AJ and I switched weights lol. I am making my challenge easier for dad to weigh less than me by the time I get home. Btw dad you are looking nice and slim in your pictures! Good job! Lol but now I am getting fat for the first time in my life. How strange... lol This week we got 9 people to come to church with us! And we have the potential of baptizing 6 this saturday between conference sessions. So I am pretty excited for this coming weeks work. Also two of our investigators are getting married saturday morning before the first session so I am pumped for that too. My first wedding in my life! Cool! Lol But that is pretty much it for me. I hope you guys have a wonderful week, enjoy western weekend, and the preparation for dogwood, and conference! I love you guys!

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