Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Monday, March 6, 2017

Working Hard!

A 2-7 come back win is not an easy feat for sure. The emotional stress is immense. Lots of mental confidence and work involved. That is really good for him. Who did he play from jasper? the only one from jasper that I can remember is that cade kid that beat me 6-4 4-6 6-3. If Aj got beat by him with that score, that is really good. Really good. Lol Aj is having problems with hitting his racket on the ground? haha it will pass I think. Everyone goes through that phase a little, some more than others. But yeah singles is really frustrating. I know the feeling lol. I am sure his raquet is not broken. It may be a little scratched on the head but it will work fine. But one thing about the raquet that he is using is that it is built as a training raquet. He can use my raquets. They are the same type of raquet but much better. I will be sure to find some good rocks for Tim lol. If I get transfered to a branch it will be much easier. Here in big city Londrina we are without rocks. But I have been looking for him. I also still have Jimbo´s coin with me in my wallet. Thanks for the package! I am sure all will go well with it. It is not as bad here as everyone says. Pretty safe. This week we found some super stellar people. The serrano family, what a coincidence because my companion´s name is serrano, and a young mother named Ingredge. The mother and father of the serrano family were baptized seven years ago went to church for three years and went inactive. The children were never baptized. We found some information about them in the area book and made a visit. the next day we had lunch with the stake president and he told us that he had tried to reactivate the serrano family as high preist group leader, bishop, and stake president without success, even bringing with him two seventies. Wow. So this situation just got a bit harder. No matter, everyone deserves multiple chances. So we continues to work with them and we got the family to come to church with us on sunday! Boy was the ward happy and the stake president shocked lol. But the ward could not stop talking to us about how great of a job we had done. We definitely won the ward over two fold. We will baptize the two kids this sunday if all goes well according to plan. With Ingredge we had an amazing experience as well. we were walking to another appointment when we passed her house and felt something telling us both to talk with her. We turned around and did a contact asking to return to her house the next day. she said yeah that would be great. Then we asked if we could share a message with her in that moment and she replied with the same response. Yeah that´s be great. We taught the first lesson and invited her to read the book of mormon and pray to know of its truth. we also gave her the plan of salvation pamphlet because she told us she was lacking faith due to the recent death of her mother. we set up a follow up meeting with her the next day, but where unable to make it. We retruned to her house two days later and she told us that she was wating for us all day because she had questions. We asked her if she had read the book of mormon and she said she had. I asked her how she felt and she said she felt as if she were far from home and someone was begging for her to return. A feeling of unquenchable thirst of knowledge, a feeling of peace and happiness. Woah... Talk about the holy ghost going to town with this lady. we taught another great lesson and invited her to church and she went. After church we passed by again and she was ready for us with bible and book of mormon out and the two pamphlets, and the principles of the gospel book. She was reading out of the principles of the gospel book whilst waiting. She had finished reading the pamphlets, read a few chapters of the book of mormon, and asked about the Doctrine and Covenants. Wow. No one ever asks about that. So we arranged to get her a triple. Talk about a golden find. We then taught her the word of wisdom and got her to quit smoking and we took her cigarrettes from her. Now all she has to do is get married legally and go to church one more time. She wants to get married so hopefully we will be having a wedding here in 2 weeks and a sequential baptism. Wahoo!! We are working hard down here doing our best and having fun along the way. I hope you guys are going well and have another amazing week. I love you guys, Thanks for all that you do for me!

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