Londrina, Brazil

Londrina, Brazil

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another week in Brazil

Yeah my hair is bleaching here in this hot Brazilian summer sun haha. And of course I have my famous Brazilian tan! I think you would be proud of it lol!!!! You would love the sun here. It will make you tan real quick. lol Congrats on the now 9 baptisms you guys have had here recently. That is pretty impressive! Lol yeah the burritos were pretty dry without a sauce so we made some fry sauce to put inside our burritos lol, it is quick, simple, and delicious. :) The baptism this week was truly was wonderful. The parents were baptized six years ago but had been in active after three years of membership and the children were unable to be baptized. We found them tracting reactivated the family and baptized the two children that were not baptized. Now the family is complete and waiting for the time that they can all go to the temple to be sealed together. This is what the gospel is about. Uniting families and bringing them the everlasting joy that the gospel brings. We are working on marrying our other investigator at the moment. Hopefully all goes well with that so she can get baptized before the end of transfers here in three weeks. She is basically a member already. In 2 Nephi of The BOM, Chapter 15 of The Gospel Principles Book, and is now starting The Doctrine and Covenants. Wow, not your average find no lol. She is wonderful. Our service project we had was really fun. The woman´s house was in this massive jungle and with 15 Brazilian Tim Durrs we managed to clear the forest with our machetes and hoes. Now her house looks much better and she actually has some yard to enjoy some sunlight. It was rather rigorous but the reward of seeing the lady´s smile was worth all the while. My week was good, really exhausting, but really good. It is hard work getting people to church and to the baptisimal font, but the joy that we get and the people get is priceless. A mission truly is a place that fosters joy. There is no other place I would rather be than here serving The Lord and the people. I hope you guys have another good week. I love you guys!!!

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